Daddy Long Legs with support from Fruit Tones.



As I headed to the Deaf Institute in Manchester, I was reminded of the last time I saw tonight’s headliners, Daddy Long Legs, I stumbled across them over at the Blues Kitchen. I remember how fortunate I was to have watched a band that was so full of vitality, a real taste of “Chicago Blues”, a true performing band that simply, brought an element of fun to their performance. Now they are back and judging by the numbers already in the venue, a rockin’ good night is ahead.

Hailing from Manchester, Fruit Tones are the support for tonight, they are the real deal without any artificial sweetener. What I liked about these guys was that they didn’t try to win you over, they worked a tight set, they play a very raw type of garage rock, and I do get tonnes of “The Ramones”, with hints of the “The Clash”. Their album, “Natural Selection”, portrays the thrashing guitars, that are matched with a bangin’ drum beat, underpinned with a vocal awareness, that underlies their live performance. If you like your music live, with a melodic and raw edge to it, put yourself into the direction of the Fruit Tones.

Set List.

1/ Like it.

2/ Over the hill.

3/ Caught short.

4/ Pink Wafer.

5/ MSG.

6/ I’ll be glad

7/ Igloo.

8/ Language.

9/ in the N.A

10/ Fruit.

11/ Allergic.



Although they hail from Brooklyn New York, their style of backwater blues, fervent punk ladened with electric modern blues, stands them out as a powerful and spiritual performing band. They already have a cult following as tonight’s sell-out show testifies, there are not many bands that whilst the support act is on stage and performing, Daddy Long Legs are amongst friends in the crowd catching up with fans and enjoying the show.

As the support finished 5 minutes later the four piece are on stage for a quick sound check and we are immediately off the mark, “Long John”, opens immediately followed by, “Ramblin”, and “Dr Boogie”.  What you get with Daddy Long Legs is a real montage of Electrifying Blues, and roots rock, with a real dose of pulsating Blues Harmonica.

Frontman Hurd is a firebrand, a consistent performer, moving between Guitar and sensual Harmonica as well as holding up vocal duties, really coming into his own on, “Pink Lemonade”, “Evil Eye”, “Street Sermon”, whilst we have a band that is here to perform and play, the job is simple, pack the place out, give it your all, and get the crowd to join in, well we have a tick in every box.

Half-American and half-Turkish Slide guitarist, Murat Akturk, simply shines as a lead axeman of some merit, Meanwhile, the beating heart of the band is Josh Styles, placed at the back but takes centre stage and drives everything forward.

Finishing the set with “Rockin” and “End times”, and the final track and the excellent, “Motorcycle”, If you like your music rockin, and you love a band that cuts loose in their performance, you will be hard pressed to see a band that sets it up so successfully, once again I am blown away by the performance and I am already wondering when they may play Manchester next?



Set List.

1/ Long John.

2/ Ramblin.

3/ Dr Boogie.

4/ Nightmare.

5/ Blood.

6/ Harp Razor.

7/ High Flyin.

8/ Kassie Jones.

9/ Pink Lemonade.

10/ Evil Eye.

11/ Silver satin.

12/ Street Sermon.

13/ Been a fool.

14/ Rockin.

15/ End times.

16/ Motor Cycle.