When Davey Suicide created a touring  lineup, they couldn’t have done better than to add The Funeral Portrait and Oh! The Horror to the bill. Houston goth rock fans got a whole lot more than they expected when the band’s “Right to Remain Silent” tour hit Houston’s Scout Bar. Suicide is no stranger to Houston, and the crowd welcomed him with open arms, as did a variety of Houston’s media photographers, who were there alongside All Music Magazine capturing the magic. 

Opening the show was Oh! The Horror from Sacramento, California. OTH is an experimental horror rock band, they consist of two guitarists and a vocalist. OTH combines elements of horrorcore, rap, industrial music and pop with on-stage theatrics and a little humor. The result is a very interesting and engaging musical experience; one that the audience loved. OTH came to the show with their own group of fans, and that made them all the more entertaining. All Music Magazine got a chance to chat with guitarist Grady Finch after the show. “We just want our fans to have fun, because we are having a great time”, Finch said. Their setlist included fan favorites “Bodybag” and “Halloween 365”. If you love  horrorcore and enjoy watching three creative souls make a LOT of noise “fit for your favorite blood-stained video game” as their SoundCloud biography states, you will absolutely LOVE watching and hearing Oh! The Horror.


Oh! The Horror band members:

Jonathan Hellhouse – Vocals

Grady Finch – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jeremy Terror – Guitar, Vocals





1.) Strange

2.) Tears of Gold

3.) Kill Em All

4.) Leave Me Alone

5.) Bodybag

6.) Bodies

7.) Apology

8.) Halloween 365



Dearly Beloved…we need to take a minute to talk about The Funeral Portrait. I have to say that I did not expect this band to come on stage and almost burn the place down. Yes, The Funeral Portrait is that good. Their sound is a combination of rock and pop, with a touch of mainstream southern bluesy gospel, but in a good way. Lead vocalist Lee Jennings and his merry band of misfits appeared, almost out of nowhere, with a blast of energy; Jennings in a priest’s collar, and the band members in black pants, shirt and tie. But it didn’t end there. The energy level was through the roof from the moment this show started. Was it campy? Yes. Sacrilegious? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely. They impressed everyone with their outstanding mix of musical skill, on-stage antics, colorful lighting, and unbelievable sound.  Jennings is a tour de force; there’s no doubt. He and the band took the audience on a ride through TFP’s list of best-loved songs, all while they danced, clapped and sang along. Each song came with it’s own hilarious set of audience interactions, including some amazing feats of flexibility from which no one, including me, could look away for fear we’d miss something. I can’t say it enough – if you have never seen The Funeral Portrait, put them on your “must see” list right this second. Can I get an Amen?


The Funeral Portrait band members:

Lee Jennings – Vocals

Mikey J – Guitar

Cody Weissinger – Guitar

Robert Weston – Bass

Homer Umbanhowar– Drums






1.) Generation Psycho

2.) Paper Mache Man

3.) Blood Mother

4.) Flowers In The Attic

5.) Suffocate City

6.) Holy Water



Finally, the time that everyone waited for finally arrived. Davey Suicide took the stage, and it was incredible. Not only is this band known for their unapologetic brand of industrial-theater rock and roll, but also for the skill that each musician brings to the table. The current members are all musical virtuosos in their own right, each one with a long list of accomplishments. The opening song includes singer Suicide, appearing amidst a thick fog that slowly moves across the stage. Dressed in black leather and studs, his face was visible during short bursts of intense, purple-violet lighting, the edges of his long blonde dreadlocks and his chiseled profile lit only from the backlights. The drama of this show is worth the price of admission, if only to witness Suicide’s creamy voice and his timely yet clever execution of costume changes from one fantastic ensemble to the next. This is to say nothing of the unbelievable guitar solo from the talented Niko Gemini, Marton Veress’ masterful drum work, or Derek Obscura’s unique bass thumping. It bears repeating that this particular combination of the band is amazing to see and hear; a feast for the senses. Extremely theatrical productions like this take an inordinate amount of work and coordination to produce. In this case, the result is stunningly beautiful. It’s well worth both your time and money to see this show before it ends.


Davey Suicide band members:

Davey Suicide – Lead Vocals

Niko Gemini – Lead Guitar

Derek Obscura – Bass

Márton Veress – Drums






1.) Medicate Me

2.) Sinner

3.) One of My Kind

4.) Generation Fuck Star

5.) Death Won’t Tear Us Apart

6.) Too Many Freaks

7.) Torture Me

8.) Animal

9.) Caught In The Fire

10.) Rise Above

11.) Only Human

12.) I’m Afraid of Americans

13.) Rock Ain’t Dead




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