Destruction Arrives In Lima, Peru With Its Diabolical Latin America Attack Tour 2022 on September 13, 2022.



Destruction, one of the bands considered among the big four of German thrash metal (along with Sodom, Kreator and Tankard) came to Lima, thanks to the production company DangerSteel, to present their latest album called Diabolical and also celebrate 40 years of musical career .

This German band returned to Lima for the fourth time but for me it was going to be the first time I would see them on stage. The expectations were great because the memories of the previous concerts were very marked among the fans. Destruction has a very loyal following among Peruvians, and they were present at the Yield Rock Bar to accompany their favorite band. When I arrived at the venue I met many friends, staunch metalheads who didn’t want to miss the show. Some remembered previous visits, and all agreed that it would be a great night.

The Yield Rock Bar is in the Historic Center of Lima and is a place that has become a mandatory stop for lovers of rock and heavy metal since the beginning of this year and after two long years of the pandemic. This time there, was no opening band and the concert started promptly at 9:00pm. When the lights went out, the intro began to play that would take us to the main theme of the last album called “Diabolical” followed immediately by the well-known “Death Trap” from his 1985 album debut Infernal Devastation. This powerful start gave us clues about what was to come later, a perfect combination of recent songs like “Repent Your Sins” and “Tormented Soul” together with the band’s classics like “Nailed To The Cross”, “Eternal Ban” or “Life Without Sense”.

This lineup, led by sole original member Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer on bass, is one of the strongest the band has ever had, and their show is full of energy. Guitarists Damir Eskic and the Argentinian Martin Furia complemented each other perfectly. On drums was the experienced Canadian Randy Black,  who was previously in Annihilator and Primal Fear.

The songs followed one another in a brutal way with Schmier speaking a little Spanish between them and showing his joy at being in Peru again while the guitarists interacted with the public. After an hour and a half of the show, the last songs “Curse The Gods” and the long-awaited “Thrash Till Death” and “Bestial Invasion” would arrive. The band took some time at the end of the concert to greet the fans and sign some autographs, but not before promising that they would return soon.



Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer – bass / vocals

Randy Black – drums

Damir Eskic – lead guitar

Martin Furia – rhythm guitar, backing vocals





1) Intro Diabolical

2) Death Trap

3) Nailed To The Cross

4) Born To Perish

5) Mad Butcher

6) Life Without Sense

7) Release From Agony

8) Repent Your Sins

9) Tormentor

10) Guitar Solo

11) Eternal Ban

12) Butcher Strikes Back

13) Tormented Soul

14) Total Desaster


15) Curse The Gods

16) Thrash Till Death

17) Bestial Invasion




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