Dexy's – Theatrical At The The Bridgewater Hall Manchester UK 08 September 2023






Since the band’s founding 45 years ago as Dexys Midnight Runners, ‘The Feminine Divine’, which was released in July, has been the fifth original music album to be released under the Dexys moniker. Kevin Rowland, the band’s lead singer and musician, experienced a creative rebirth with the release of the album. After the 2016 release of ‘Let the Records Show’: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul, which combined Irish ballads with other songs, Rowland declared he was done with music. He had covered everything he wanted to in that regard.

The new Dexys album made hints at significant changes in Kevin Rowland’s views on women and concepts of femininity and masculinity. Rowland’s in-depth reflection, his interest in Taoist and Tantric teachings, and an unexpected resurgence of his creative energy were the causes of these significant changes. Since this was a theatrical production rather than a concert, as Kevin Rowland was careful to point out, it was not surprising that the show opened with ‘The Feminine Divine’ in its entirety, in which Rowland played the leading role.



Never have Dexys’ vocals sounded so fresh, upbeat, and precise. The true star of the show was Rowland’s passionate singing, which somehow managed to harness delicate harmonies as the backing vocals soar to the heavens. The Dexys have frequently been misclassified, in Rowland’s opinion, based solely on their early 1980s hit singles, such as ‘Come on Eileen’ and ‘Geno’. Nonetheless, he gave these anthems a reprise, and what had initially been advertised as a seated gig quickly transformed.

The “selection of Dexys classics” on this tour, according to Kevin Rowland, will change every night, and there were undoubtedly some very pleasant surprises in Manchester. ‘Until I Believe in My Soul’ is simply stunning. The performances pinnacle had to be the final performance of ‘Carrickfergus’, which was delivered in front of a video montage showcasing Kevin Rowland’s various personas over the years. This presented the feeling of those days are now long gone and that the present moment is all that we have left to consider.


The Feminine Divine

1. The One That Loves You

2. It’s Alright Kevin (Manhood 2023)

3. I’m Going to Get Free

4. Coming Home

5. The Feminine Divine

6. My Goddess Is

7. Goddess Rules

8. My Submission

9. Dance With Me

Classics and Hits

10. Soon

11. Plan B

12. I’ll Show You

13. All in All (This One Last Wild Waltz)

14. Until I Believe in My Soul

15. Free

16. Come on Eileen


17. Geno

18. Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile) (Van Morrison Cover)

19. Carrickfergus