Dirty Honey Rocking the Main Stage at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 27 in Orlando, Florida October 9, 2021




Dirty Honey once again took the Central Florida stage at Earthday Birthday in Orlando, Florida October 9, 2021. This was the third time covering this great band in Central Florida in the past month. May be they should change their mailing address from Southern California to Central Florida. They are most welcome and we would be thrilled for them to call Central Florida home. They played their greatest hits, “California Dreamin,'” “Gypsy,” “Break You,” “When I’m Gone,” and “Rolling 7s.” The crowd loved the set and especially got involved when Marc LaBelle jumped off the stage and climbed the barrier! Get out and see this band, they will be headlining very soon!






Dirty Honey


Marc Labelle – Vocals

John Notto –  Guitar

Justin Smolian – Bass

Cory Coverstone – Drums






1.)  Gypsy 
2.)  California Dreamin’ 
3.)  The Wire 
4.)  Another Last Time 
5.)  When I’m Gone
6.)  Rolling 7s



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