Dirty Honey’s L.A. Show To Stream @ VEEPS • 11/20/23



Dirty Honey is “Coming Home’ to stream the band’s L.A. show live from The Belasco @Veeps on Monday, November 20. Don’t miss the homecoming and the Can’t Find The Brakes tour. Tickets for the stream can be purchased HERE.

“Dirty Honey’s performance at The Underground in Charlotte was a testament to the enduring power of rock ’n’ roll. As the night ended, it was evident that Dirty Honey is on a trajectory to becoming one of the great rock bands of their generation.”

— Charlotte Rock, 11/1/23 Review/Charlotte, NC

“There was a genuine excitement to their performance, something that comes from watching an up-and-coming act who could very easily become among the biggest bands in the world. Dirty Honey put on a thrilling performance, a clear cut above most, if not all, other classic rock-inspired bands, making theirs a show like no other today. Bona fide rockstars, indeed.” 

— Spill Magazine/Toronto, ONT 11/8/23




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