Dizzy Headlined Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on October 26th, 2023



It was a great Thursday night for a laid-back show with Canadian indie pop band Dizzy headlining the historic Danforth Music Hall. It is the band’s biggest headlining show in Toronto, as they are on tour around Canada and the US in support of their self-titled album released this year. With a Canadian broadcasting team filming their set, it was bound to be a memorable show for Dizzy to play in a fantastic venue in front of an excited crowd. 

Indie act fanclubwallet was the show’s opener, with Hannah Judge and her bandmates playing in Danforth Music Hall for the first time. There were apparent jitters during their set, with the guitarist almost messing up the beginning notes, but the band pulled through in the end. Their mix of catchy and slow tunes entertained the crowd with some cheers and head-moving. Towards the end of their set, fanclubwallet became more accustomed to the stage as they moved around with lots of energy. 



The blue lights went dark, the intro audio started playing, and the audience shouted excitedly for Dizzy’s arrival. The Spencer brothers arrived before Katie Munshaw approached to the centre with the mask that is featured on the self-titled album cover. Beginning with the song “Birthmark,” Katie Munshaw hopped around the stage while delivering the lyrics full of emotion. The crowd got into the music moving their heads while some of the audience in the front sang with Katie. The Spencer brothers showed off their musicianship with Alex effortlessly playing through his guitar, Mackenzie grooving with his bass, and Charlie drumming to the beat with ease. 

The night was very laid back as Dizzy brought out a setlist filled with indie pop with lyrics mostly about heartbreak, except when they performed “Stupid 4 U,” as Katie said it was the first love song the band had ever written. It was a heartwarming song with the crowd being moved over Katie’s soft vocals with Charlie playing the acoustic guitar. Katie used the entire stage to its max when she got down and got up with the crowd on the barricade during “Barking Dog.” A great moment in the show was when Katie thanked a particular person to her right who was so energetic from the start of the band’s set, singing every word and jumping with joy. 

Dizzy ended the night with the catchy indie pop tune ”Open Up Wide,” which has been a hit song playing on Canadian radio. It was the most energetic song from the whole set, as the crowd was moving side to side with bright lights flickering around the venue. As Katie began singing the last song of the night with “Close,” she started a bit too early which drew some laughter from the crowd. As they almost finished playing, Katie bowed to the Spencer brothers with applause from each member before they walked offstage. In the end, Dizzy pulled off a fantastic set to a wonderful night that felt nostalgic from start to finish. They are an indie-pop act everyone should see live anytime they come to your area!



Katie Munshaw – Lead vocalist

Alex Spencer – Guitars

Mackenzie Spencer – Bass

Charlie Spencer – Drummer, synthesizer, guitars




1. Birthmark

2. Twist

3. Roman Candles

4. The Magician

5. Starlings

6. Knock the Wind

7. Stupid 4 U

8. Barking Dog

9. Cell Division

10. My Girl

11. Jaws

12. Salmon Season

13. Joshua

14. Sunflower

15. Are You Sick of Me Yet?

16. Beatrice

17. Open Up Wide

18. Close






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