DOKKEN’s Jon Levin Talks New Record, George Lynch, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, And Flying Planes November 22, 2023



Jon Levin has been a highly regarded guitar player since the late 80’s when he was a member of Warlock and Doro. But, because of the changing musical climate in the 90’s, Jon stopped playing guitar and went to law school. Graduating in 1996, he has been working as an entertainment lawyer or a family attorney ever since. In 2003, Jon stepped back into the music scene and became the guitarist for legendary hard rock band Dokken, where he continues to this day. On October 27th, Jon and Dokken released the band’s 13th studio album, Heaven Comes Down.

In this interview, Jon talks about the beginnings of his career when he decided to leave Warlock and Doro, turning down an Alice Cooper gig, and playing with one of his biggest guitar heroes. Jon also tells us about his love for remote-controlled airplanes, giving us a peek at one he’s currently building!



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