Doyle Destroys Goldfield Trading Company in Sacramento, California March 27, 2022


It was a chilly, gloomy night heading into Midtown Sacramento this past Sunday. The selection du jour was two local Sacramento bands, Redwood Cemetery and Volrahven, along with Salem’s Childe in support of the legendary Doyle. Goldfield Trading Post was only about half full but the energy was at capacity. Even mother nature got into it keeping it gloomy and rainy all night.

First up was Redwood Cemetery. The local punk rock band played a solid set despite having a stand in drummer for the night.  I have always been a fan of punk rock bands that don’t look punk rock. It is supposed to be about the music right? These guys were pretty solid and well received by the crowd.


Redwood Cemetery band members

Alex Backwards – guitar, vocals
Chad Cote – bass, vocals
Jake Kaspari – guitar, vocals
Cody Leal – drums
Chris Valdez – guitar, vocals (When he’s around)




Volrahven was up next. Killer band with an awesome drum set. At the beginning of the night, there were two massive drum sets. Volrahven had the larger of the two. This was a seriously powerful band. As much as the crowd was into it, I think the drummer was even more into it, Total showman. The rest of the band was right there with him the whole way. These guys are going places!

Volrahven band members

David Galileo – vocals, guitar

Mason Owens – bass guitar

Israel Stone Hawkins – drums



The third band was Salem’s Childe. They are with Doyle for the whole tour. Hailing from North-Central Indiana, this metal quintet rocked the small stage like it was a festival stage. This band had the second biggest drum set of the night. and their drummer used every bit of it with skill. Salem’s Childe’s singer reminded me of a metal version of Dio. Not in sound but in style. These guys all shred and I see a headlining tour in their future. Solid band with a solid sound.


Salem’s Childe band members

Johnny Oravsky – vocals

Rob Salem – guitar

Aaron Crick – guitar

James Gates – bass

Scott Earley – drums




When Doyle hit the stage, you could feel the intensity spike. Alex came out in a black luchador mask pumping up the crowd, while Doyle himself, committed  assault and battery on his guitars. The night was filled with “love songs you can dance to” according to lead singer Alex. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth as they crunched through their horror rock set. The set consisted of about 50% each of Abominator and II and As We Die  and the only downside was, I wished it lasted longer. Doyle is an amazing show man and even if the genre isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend you check him out just for the show. 10/10 rating!


Doyle band members

Alex “Wolfman” Story – vocals

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein – Guitar

Wade Murff – Drums

Brandon Strate – Bass



Doyle set list

1). Abominator
2). Beast Like Me
3). Virgin Sacrifice
4). Witchcraft
5). Cemetery sexxx
6). Mark of the Beast
7). Show No Mercy
8). Head Hunter
9). Dreaming Dead Girls
10). God Of Flies
11). Hope Hell Is Warm


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