Doyle’s “Abominate the World As We Die” Tour at The Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, Texas March 18, 2022



Doyle’s U.S. leg of the “Abominate the World As We Die” Tour came to the outdoor stage at The Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, Texas on Friday, March 18, 2022 . With several opening acts, including special guests Salem’s Childe, this show did not disappoint. All Music Magazine was there to witness the show in its entirety.

Fortunately, Houston is experiencing a streak of amazing weather. Fans from across the city gathered well before showtime to eat crawfish, drink beer and buy merchandise, with plenty of time left to grab a great place on the back patio to view the concert. Wildcatter’s generous and very diverse menu pleases a large variety of customers, and it’s become a go-to concert venue during the last few years. It’s no surprise that local bands Scream at the Sky and Chasing Yesterday seemed quite at home on the intimate stage.


Scream At The Sky Band:

Brian Carter – Vocals

David Pinkerton – Drums

Julian Gabriel – Guitar

Jeremy Prescott – Guitar



Chasing Yesterday Band:

Shane Eyor – Vocals
Rudy Amaro – Guitar 
David Martin – Bass
Matt Wheeler – Drums



As darkness fell, Salem’s Childe opened the set. Lead singer and front man Johnny Orovsky thrashed his long, flowing hair as he sang, much to the delight of the fans who hugged the stage edges for the entire performance. Impressive guitar work by Rob Salem and Aaron Crick kept the excitement level high, while bassist James Gate and drummer Scott Earley kept it nice and noisy. What’s obvious about Salem’s Childe is that they are no stranger to the national stage; their presence and their sound both literally and figuratively dwarfed the smallish venue, and the buzz on the ground was that they are a remarkable act who fans hope will soon return.

Salem’s Childe Band:

Johnny Oravsky – Vocals

Rob Salem – Guitar

Aaron Crick – Guitar

James Gates – Bass

Scott Earley – Drum



Anticipation mounted during the evening as the time for Doyle to appear drew closer. Loyal fans pressed up to the stage without mercy. Drummer Wade Murff appeared and took his place to hoots of delight. He was followed shortly by bassist Brandon Strate, lead singer Alex Strong, who wore a black leather head harness for most of the show. Finally, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein appeared, as fans screamed with joy. Incredibly (and expectedly) physically fit, he was dressed in black, knee-high platform boots, spandex black pants, Frankenstein makeup, and a black choker with bolts. His unique, shiny black punk-mohawk hairstyle rounded out his famous signature look.

While it’s no secret that Doyle himself is what seems to draw crowds to performances, it’s Alex Strong who keeps them excited by interacting with them throughout the show. VIP attendees were given a truly up-close and personal performance, while general admission fans could be found just slightly behind, but still in what I’d call “the catbird seat”.  As one concert-goer confided, “there’s really no bad seat here, so it’s all good”.  I tend to agree. It’s refreshing to see bands interact with their fan base in this way, and I can see why Doyle fans are so devoted. 

If you’ve not had the chance to see Doyle, you probably already know you’re missing a great show; just ask anyone who’s seen them. Tickets for the U.S. leg are selling fast.


Doyle Band:

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein – Guitar

Brandon Strate – Bass

Wade Murff – Drum

Alex Strong – Vocals




1.)  Abominator

2.)  Learn to Bleed

 3.)  Beast Like Me

4.)  Headhunter

5.)  Valley of Shadows

6.)  Witchcraft

7.)  Dreaming of Dead Girls

8.)  Cemeterysexxx

 9.)  Darkside

10.)  We Belong Dead

11.)  Run For Your Life

12.)  King Of the Undead

13.)  Hope Hell Is Warm



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