Dream Theater bring their, “The Top Of The World Tour” to Denver, Colorado’s Paramount Theater Saturday February 12th, 2022



This past cold Saturday night after another snow storm in Denver, I made my way to the Paramount Theater for and evening of music with Dream Theater

As I past the venue about 5 minutes before door time, there was a line that went down the block and around the corner from the theater. As I mentioned, it was a cold night. I made my way in and as I walked down the isle of the 90+ year old venue, one can’t help notice the “Zig Zag Art Deco” design popularized in the Jazz Age. I met with security to discuss where we would be aloud to cover the show since there was no photo pit and from there I set up my camera for the nights show. 

8:00  o’clock and the members of Arch Echo, tonight’s opening band, made their way onto the stage. Arch Echo describes their music as an “Instrumental, Progressive Fusion for the music nerd in some of us”! This would be a set of instrumental music with no vocals. They started their evening with, ‘To the Moon’ from their 2020 album, STORYI. From the start, each member played with a passion like it would be the last time they would preform. Their body language and inter action with each other was fun to watch. Through each song the smiles on their faces never left. The crowd was very enthusiastic listening to their music as they moved through their set, and showed it at the end of each song. Though their set was short, it left an impression on me and I’m sure to many who were hearing their music for the first.


Arch Echo are:

Adam Rafowitz – guitar
Joey Izzo – keyboards
Joe Calderone – Bass
Adam Bentley – guitar
Richie Martinez – drums



Set list:
1.) To the Moon
2.) Strut
3.) Red Letter
4.) Stella
5.) Color Wheel 


After the break, the lights came down and the crowd cheered as the members of Dream Theater took their places. They started their set with the song, The Alien from their 2021 album, A View from the Top of the World. Along with the music, there was a large video screen that projected images throughout the night that added to the atmosphere in the venue. An evening of sight and sound was beginning. Moving into their second song, 6:00 from their 1994 album Awake, John Petrucci stepped up and let his fingers work their magic as only he can. Throughout the night James LaBrie would pour out his powerful vocals but at times, he would  song with a more melodic and softer sound yet crisp and clear. Moving through their set, Dream Theater’s songs are not short and James would step back away from the stage letting the others take over which happened with regularity. Moving back and forth through time with their music, the video screen would show images of skeletons circling around the screen. Their music seemed to be in sync with the videos as dragons flew through majestic mountains.

Continuing with the song, About to Crash from their 2002 album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, the crowd which had already been on it’s feet most of the evening was moving even more. At times John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess would solo together to the delight of everyone there. Jordan’s keyboards were set on what looked like platform that would rotate in circles and at times the keyboards would move into a vertical position while he played. With some of their songs lasting 10 minutes, 12 minutes or longer, the energy level from everyone was something to see and hear. Finishing their evening with ‘The Count of Tuscany,‘ from their 2009 album Black Clouds & Silver Linings, their fans showed their appreciation for a great night of music. The fact that they played only 10 songs, will give you an idea of how long some of their songs are. This was a evening I thoroughly enjoyed and loved the mix of music and videos. This is a show for fans and those who have not seen Dream Theater, take the journey, you will not be disappointed.


Dream Theater are:

John Petrucci – guitars  
John Myung – bass guitar 
James LaBrie – vocals 
Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
Mike Mangini – drums plays




1.) The Alien
2.) 6:00
3.) Awaken the Master
4.) Endless Sacrifice
5.) Bridges in the Sky
6.) Invisible Monster
7.) About to Crash
8.) The Ministry of Lost Souls
9.) A View From the Top of the World





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