Electric Six Electrifies New Century, Manchester “Fire” 20th Anniversary Tour, November 29th 2023






It’s a freezing cold night in Manchester but we are hoping for a bit of warmth from “Electric Six”  at New Century, Manchester tonght. The Detroit-based band, known for their eclectic mix of rock, punk, and dance, are well known for their live shows leaving the audience electrified and craving more.

The night kicked off with an electrifying set from the supporting act, Finnish band “Us” This was a real in ya face rock from the very start this 5 piece band know how to rock. The energy from these guys was a joy to watch and the rock influenced tunes they belted out were just as joyful to the ears. So tight with some great harmonica playing and solos just added more depth to the sound and feel. They looked great as well very 60’s style fashion in  paisley patterned shirts and neck scarfs all this added together with a very 60’s style of bow after each song somehow made you endear to them even more. Brilliant to listen to as well as watch live, What a great set to get us all in the mood for Electric Six.   



It was then the time for Detroit’s “Electric six to take to the New Centuary stage. Dick Valentine, the charismatic frontman, immediately took control of the stage, engaging the audience with his dynamic stage presence and witty banter. The band kicked off the set with “Turquoise” the title track to their 2023 album, quickly followed by “Dr K” from the same album.

The musical prowess of Electric Six was on full display throughout the night. The tight instrumentation and infectious beats kept the energy levels soaring, while Valentine’s distinctive vocals added a layer of irreverence and humor to the performance. The seamless integration of rock, disco, and punk elements showcased the band’s versatility, ensuring that there was something for everyone in the diverse audience.

The stage production complemented the band’s lively performance, with dynamic lighting and visuals enhancing the overall experience. The synergy between the musicians and the visual elements created a sensory overload that added an extra dimension to the already exhilarating show.

One of the highlights of the night was the band’s interaction with the crowd. Valentine’s playful banter and genuine connection with the audience created an intimate atmosphere in the cavernous venue. Whether he was cracking jokes between songs or encouraging sing-alongs, Valentine knew how to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.

This was also a gig of two sets with the first set ending with “Drugs” it seemed to fly so fast which for us always indicates a great gig. The second set was a step back in time to a live performance of their first Album “Fire” with classic songs such as “Danger ! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar” met with much enthusiasm from the many fans who were there, lots of singing along and audience participation.  



As the set reached its climax, Electric Six showed no signs of slowing down. The band continued to deliver hit after hit, leaving the crowd in a state of euphoria. The perfect conclusion to an unforgettable night, with the band leaving the stage to thunderous applause and cheers from the ecstatic audience.

In conclusion, Electric Six’s performance at Manchester New Century was a tour de force of musical prowess, infectious energy, and charismatic showmanship. From start to finish, the band delivered a non-stop barrage of hits that had the crowd dancing, singing, and sweating. Electric Six proved once again why they are revered for their live performances, leaving Manchester in their wake as they moved on to the next city, undoubtedly leaving a trail of electrified fans in their wake.

Yes, we did feel a lot warmer after tonight’s gig even though it’s about -1 degrees as we walk back to the car.



Set List

#1 Set

1.) Turquoise

2.) Dr. K

3.) Down at McDonnelzzz

4.) Bride of the Devil

5.) Five Clowns

6.) The New Shampoo

7.) Dirty Ball

8.) Hot Numbers on the Telephone

9.) Window of Time

10.) Night Vision

11.) Future Is in the Future

12.) (Who the Hell Just) Call My Phone?

13.) Panic! Panic!

14.) Dance Epidemic

15.) I Buy the Drugs

#2 Fire 20th Anniversary set

16.) Dance Commander

17.) Electric Demons (In Love)

18.) Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)

19.) Danger! High Voltage

20.) She’s White

21.) I Invented the Night

22.) Improper Dancing

23.) Gay Bar

24.) Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor)

25.) Getting Into the Jam

26.) I’m the Bomb

27.) Synthesizer


28.) After Hours