Elvie Shane Discusses “Damascus” Album Release on April 19, 2023 and Upcoming Acoustic Tour



Elvie Shane sat down to discuss his newest album “Damascus” and his upcoming tour kicking off in Louisville, KY on February 1st. Shane released his first studio album in 2021, titled, Backslider and has amassed over 372 million career streams. He has a platinum-certified Number One single from that album titled,  “My Boy.” This gained him fans with his unique take on country infused with rock and music that tells a story. 

Elvie wanted to bring something new to his sophomore album, Damascus. When asked what he was most excited about for his new album, he focused on wanting to tell authentic, real stories stemming from his life, and what people would want to hear in an impactful way. He stated that in approaching this album he knew he wanted to talk about real topics. Elvie said, “I just saw what was going on in the world…pain, addiction, alcoholism, fighting over politics…and knew I wanted to write something about those stories.”

He talked about what inspired the name of the album, Damascus, and he said it stemmed from two thoughts. One that he felt like Paul from the Bible who had to figure out what he was going to do on the Road to Damascus, that this album “was like that for me. I was trying to figure out what I believe in and where I’m going with my music.” Elvie also said it stood for a type of steel by the same name which is heated up and beat into a blade, and he said that he wanted this next chapter to be the same, “take all these different elements and music that has inspired me and forged into a different kind of album.” He talked of different influences that inspired him in this album, from classic rock to rap, to gospel with artists like Steve Earle, Eric Church, Mac Miller, Foo Fighters etc.. 

Shane hopes that in creating this new album with an emphasis on a melting pot of sounds and influences, he not only makes returning fans appreciate the new music but also bring in new fans who might like this delve into some new sounds. He wanted to make music that was impactful and important to the message he wanted to bring like addiction, prison reform, meth epidemic in rural America and wanted to “pick a fight with the boundaries of what country music is supposed to sound like.” Elvie’s true desire is to make the audience walk away from the album or a show feeling something, and feeling the emotion through the songs. 

When asked what song off the thirteen-track album resonated with him most, he said he loved every song obviously that had been put on the record. Originally the album was supposed to have just twelve tracks, but on a drive into the studio inspiration struck him to take a song back to his roots, and he added a thirteenth track. He said the album is a journey. It starts with a track titled, “Outside Dog” in which he talks of being an outsider and wanting to make his own way no matter what in this new journey of an album that was markedly different from his first. He brings the album full circle and ends with an emotional ballad speaking of his faith journey. This song titled, “Does Heaven Have a Creek,” pays homage to his upbringing and memories with his Granny and singing hymns. He said it simply speaks of, “if heaven is that simple and amazing then I’ll believe.” “The album starts off with me letting my ego out, and ends with a humility of speaking of heaven.”






DAMASCUS Track Listing:
1. Outside Dog 
2. What Do I Know – 
3. Jonesin’ (feat. Jenna McClelland) 
4. Baptized 
5. Forgotten Man 
6. Pill 
7. 215634
8. Appalachian Alchemy
9. First Place (feat. Little Big Town) 
10. Winning Horse
11. Fan On High 
12. Chicken Shit 
13. Does Heaven Have A Creek



Elvie Shane takes this album out on his “Damascus Acoustic Stories Tour.” It is a limited run tour hitting several cities in the Midwest region. The tour dates are: 

2/1- Mercury Ballroom Louisville, KY
2/2- The Burl Lexington, KY
2/3 – Hi-Fi Indianapolis, IN
2/8 – Carol’s Pub Chicago, IL
2/9 – Ludlow Garage Cincinatti, OH
2/10 – A&R Music Bar Columbus, OH
2/13 – Open Chord Music Knoxville, TN
2/14 – Eddie’s Attic Decatur, GA 
2/15 – Radio Room Greenville, SC
2/17 – The Virginia Theatre Music and Arts Venue Somerset, KY
When asked about what he hopes fans get out this tour he wants them to walk away with hearing the stories that were apart of this new album. He wants them to sit back and listen and think about what he’s speaking about in this album. He said these stories, “come from my personal experiences, those who are close to me, or fans who talk to me after the shows.” He said he chose an acoustic style show because he wanted people to listen. He is evening bringing out a group to some of the dates called End Overdose, which will talk with the crowd about getting help to those dealing with drug addiction, knowing the signs of addiction, and even how to administer narcan.
He said he’ll play his new album front to back within the show, blend in cover songs, as well as some fun songs, songs from his debut album, and weave the stories that inspired the songs throughout. He wanted to make the evening of music impactful and leave people with something to think about. He is excited to hit the road, meet the fans, and hear their stories as well. 







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