England’s power metal icons DragonForce return to Denver Colorado’s Oriental Theater, March 20, 2022



This past Sunday March 20, 2022, on a very pleasant afternoon, I made my way to the Oriental Theater for an evening of power metal, symphonic metal with a dash of melancholic tales. I arrived early for the meet and greet with DragonForce, a chance to meet and chat with everyone which was a lot of fun. 

When the doors opened for everyone, there was a line down and around the block of fans waiting to get in the sold out show. Starting the evening off was Seven Spires from Boston Massachusetts. Starting their set with, “Wanderer’s Prayer” (intro) moving right into “Gods of Debauchery” from their 2121 album, Gods of Debauchery.  Seven Spires set the tone for a powerful evening. Adrienne Cowan vocals are a mixture of extreme, clean and symphonic sounds which resonated throughout the venue which their fans roared with appreciation. It was such a pleasure to hear the mixture of Adrienne’s vocal styles supported by strong musicians. When they finished their set, the crowd let out a roar of thanks. I learned about Seven Spires from friends in Europe who are hoping to see them in the not so distance future. This is a band that is a must see for styles of metal fans, you will not be disappointed.


Seven Spires are:

Adrienne Cowan – Vocals, Orchestration
Jack Kosto – Guitars
Peter de Reyna – Electric and Upright Bass
Chris Dovas – Drums







1.) Wanderer’s Prayer
2.) Gods of Debauchery
3.) Oceans of Time
4.) Lightbringer
5.) Succumb
6.) Drowner of Worlds
7.) Dare to Live
8.) Through Lifetimes


After a short break Visions of Atlantis took over the stage, and starting their set with a new song that premiered on March 7th, 2022, “Master the Hurricane” from their forth coming new album, Pirates. Clémentine Delauney made her way to the stage dressed in a white top with a burgundy vest and black pants with two belts. With her strong symphonic vocals she moved across stage with ease. When in a few moments she was followed by vocalist, Michele Guaitoli, dressed in a black pirate outfit with a long coat and hat. The two of them moved about the stage at times facing each other and pouring out their vocals together. Moving back and forth in time with songs, “Return to Lemuria” from their 2017 album, The Deep & The Dark. Throughout their set, Clementine and Michele would move about the stage and at times would meet each other and holding their hands together while singing. See photo gallery. The music would flow throughout the bands set as their fans showed their appreciation after each song. They sang a number of songs from their forth coming album, and they finished their set with the song, “Legion of the Seas” which premiered just 2 weeks ago. This was my second time having the pleasure of witnessing Visions of Atlantis live, and it was a great set of music and a band that I highly recommend seeing live.


Visions of Atlantis are:

Thomas Caser – drums
Christian Douscha – guitars
Herbert Glos – bass
Clémentine Delauney – vocals
Michele Guaitoli – vocals






1.) Master the Hurricane
2.) A Life of Our Own
3.) Return to Lemuria
4.) Clocks
5.) A Journey to Remember
6.) The Deep & the Dark
7.) Melancholy Angel
8.) Heroes of the Dawn
9.) Legion of the Seas


Joining DragonForce for their first show on the tour and first show in the US in many years was, FirewindThere was a lot of buzz across the internet about Firewind joining the tour and I was thrilled not only seeing them for the first time but covering their show as well. Their lead guitarist, Gus G has been known in the music world for a long time and I was excited to finally see him live.

Firewind started their set with, “Welcome to the Empire” from their 2020 self titled album. Continuing and evening of power metal, the crowd was excited to see them and they let the band know it with head banging and cheers to the band. As Firewind moved through their set, Gus G would step up and work his magic on the guitar and the fans went crazy. Stepping back in time from their 2010 album, Days of Defiance, came the song, “World on Fire”. Lead vocalist, Herbie Langhans powerful vocals filled the venue throughout the song. From their 2017 album Immortals, came the song “Ode to Leonidas”, looking back at Greek history. Winding down a great set Firewind finished with, Rising Fire again from their 2020 self titled album. This was a great experience for me and I’m sure for many of their fans seeing them for the first time. I do look forward to seeing them again.



Firewind are:

Gus G. – lead guitar, backing vocals
Tony Dickinson – bass guitar
Johan Nunez – drums
Herbie Langhans – lead vocals







1.) Welcome to the Empire
2.) Head Up High
3.) Destination Forever
4.) World on Fire
5.) Instrumental
6.) Ode to Leonidas
7.) Mercenary Man
8.) Maniac @Cover
9.) Rising Fire


With the stage set with, huge video game machines on either side of the stage. A large dragon on the back left of the stage. It was time for DragonForce to take the stage. The band made their way to the stage wearing their led lighted glasses and opened their set with, “Highway” to Oblivion from their 2019 album, Extreme Power Metal. Guitarist Herman Li made his way to the video machine on the left side of the stage, climbed up to the top and wowed the fans with his guitar skills. During the first song the confetti canons showered the crowd as the band powered their way through their music. Moving right into their second song, “Fury of the Storm” from their 2005 album, Inhuman Rampage. As the photographers moved about in the pit, Co2 tubes blew out billowing clouds of white smoke which disappeared as fast as it came out. As they moved through the set, Herman Li and Sam Totman would stand together on a platform and shred their guitars for their roaring headbanging fans. The band continued through their set with songs like, “Ashes of the Dawn” from their 2017 album, Reaching into Infinity and “Heart of the Dragon” from their 2003 album, Valley of the Damned. At one point vocalist Marc Hudson came out with a larger C02 canon and sprayed the crowd with it. I sure those who felt the cold air were enjoying it after being in the packed crowd for three plus hours. Again Herman and Sam would jump up on a riser joined by bassist, Alicia Vigil. Alicia Joined Dragon Force in 2019. 

Heman Li was quoted as saying,  “Alicia was recommended to me by a number of musician friends in LA. She impressed me with her playing, her professionalism, and her ability to learn the DragonForce songs really quickly! I’m excited to have her playing on this tour and I think the fans will really like what she brings to the show.” Talking about their tour two years ago. A really nice compliment for Alicia. Bringing the night to a close, DragonForce finished with the song, “Through the Fire and Flames” going back once again to their 2005 album, Inhuman Rampage. This was some evening with four great bands, an experience for every metal fan to witness.


DragonForce are:

Herman Li – guitar
Sam Totman – guitar
Marc Hudson – lead vocals
Gee Anzalone – drums
Alicia Vigil – bass







1.) Highway to Oblivion
2.) Fury of the Storm
3.) The Last Dragonborn
4.) Ashes of the Dawn
5.) Heart Demolition
6.) Dracula’s Castle / Fight On!
7.) Banjo Solo / Guitar Solo
8.) Heart of a Dragon
9.) Cry Thunder
10.) Strangers
11.) Valley of the Damned

12.) My Heart Will Go On @Cover
13.) Through the Fire and Flames




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