Faster Pussycat With Special Guest Johnny Nasty Boots at The Venue Event Center in Cadillac, Michigan on May 14, 2024



Faster Pussycat and Johnny Nasty Boots lit up The Venue Event Center in Cadillac, Michigan, on May 14, 2024, during their 2024 Tour. As Northern Michigan’s newest music hotspot, this intimate 600-person venue stands out for its top-notch lighting and sound, creating an unbeatable atmosphere for live shows. The Venue is an awesome new place to see concerts, offering a much-needed addition to the northern Michigan music scene and giving fans a fantastic opportunity to enjoy their favorite bands.   

The Tuesday night concert kicked off with Pulse Of The Atom, a local cover band from Traverse City, MI. For many in the audience, including myself, it was the first time experiencing this talented trio. Featuring Darrin Clem on bass, Clinton Herigstad on lead vocals and drums, and Rodney Suprenant on guitar, they delivered an impressive set of rock covers from iconic bands like the Black Crowes, Black Sabbath, Silverchair, and White Zombie. Their performance left a strong impression, and they are definitely a band I plan to see again.  


Pulse Of The Atom:  

Clinton Herigstad / Lead vocals, drums

Darrin Clem / Bass, backing vocals

Rodney Suprenant / Guitar, backing vocals



Johnny Nasty Boots hit the stage next.  Hailing from the vibrant streets of Mexico City and currently making waves in the Los Angeles music scene, Johnny blends classic 60’s & 70’s rock and blues with a modern twist.   Johnny Nasty Boots is a powerhouse trio with Johnny on guitar and lead vocals, Ezekiel Kaplan on bass, and Deviin Taylor behind the drums.  I have not heard about Johnny Nasty Boots before seeing them on this bill with FP.  I’m here to say, JNB is in heavy rotation on my playlist now.  I’m loving Johnny’s newest release, “Soho”; it’s a new favorite of mine.   He opened his set with “I’m Cursed” from his 2017 self-titled album.  On stage, Johnny, Ezekiel, and Deviin share more than just music, they share an evident joy and connection that radiates to the audience.  Their energy was contagious, making it impossible not to feel the enthusiasm and passion they have for their craft.  An incredible onstage dynamic.  Their performance was an unforgettable live experience.  Johnny’s guitar work is a passionate exhibition of his very soul, with every note resonating with emotion.  When Johnny took the stage, he did more than just play; he left every ounce of his passion and energy on it.  Johnny Nasty Boots was a perfect fit as the opening act, setting the tone for an unforgettable night of live music.   


Johnny Nasty Boots:  

Johnny Nasty Boots / Lead vocals & guitar

Ezekiel Kaplan / Bass

Deviin Taylor / Drums



Set List:  

1.I’m Cursed

2. Lovers

3. Howlin’ and Dying

4. For Your Love

5. Deadline

6. Whiskey and Refer

7. Soho


Faster Pussycat hit the stage with their signature brand of sleazy, raunchy rock n’ roll that had the house fired up and rockin’. This band, which stormed the Los Angeles music scene in the ’80s with their gritty, unapologetic sound, captured the essence of LA’s Sunset Strip. Despite numerous lineup changes over the years, singer and founding member Taime Downe has always remained at the helm.

 They came out swinging, opening their set with “Jack The Bastard” from their 1992 album Whipped! and “Cathouse” from their 1987 self-titled debut. The energy and excitement only grew from there. Having seen Faster Pussycat multiple times, I can say without a doubt that Taime Downe is at the top of his game, sounding and looking great.  This incredible lineup features Sam “Bam” Koltun and Kieran Robertson tearing it up on guitar, Chad Stewart laying down solid rhythms on drums, and Johnny Martin from LA Guns stepping in on bass. Johnny, humorously dubbed “Slim Pretender” as a nod to the absent Slim Tender (Danny “Slim Tender” Nordahl, who is recovering from a broken hand), meshed seamlessly with the band, adding his unique flair and proving that the spirit of rock n’ roll is all about unity. Their camaraderie was evident, and despite Slim Tender’s absence, they didn’t miss a beat, delivering an unforgettable performance.  Regardless of the crowd size, Faster Pussycat delivers 110% every time, performing each show as if it’s sold out.   Faster Pussycat never disappoints!  


Faster Pussycat:  

Taime Downe / Lead vocals

Sam “Bam” Koltun / Guitar, backing vocals

Kieran Robertson / Guitar, backing vocals

Chad Stewart / Drums, backing vocals

Johnny Martin / Bass, backing vocals



Set List:  

1.Jack The Bastard

2. Cathouse

3. Slip Of The Tongue

4. Don’t Change That Song

5. Like A Ghost


7. Pirate Love

8. Number 1 With A Bullet

9. Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way

10. You’re So Vain (Carly Simon cover)

11. Poison Ivy

12. House Of Pain

13. Friends

14. Bathroom Wall

15. Shut Up & Fuck (Betty Blowtorch cover)

16. Babylon