”Feels Like The First Time,” – Why Foreigner's Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Is A Stepping Stone For Other Bands 2024



The day was March 8, 1977, when a New York City band named Foreigner debuted their self-titled record. The 10-song album had tunes like “Feels Like the First Time,” “Cold As Ice,” “Long, Long Way from Home” and “At War With the World.” Since then, the mentioned tracks have become classic rock and roll tunes. Since 1977, the band has released eight studio records and have had 14 singles go into the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their song “Waiting for a Girl Like You” reached the No. 2 spot whole setting its own record of sitting for 10 weeks at the No. 2 position without ever reaching the top. Finally, their smash hit song, “I Want to Know What Love Is,” reached the No. 1 position.

Foreigner was eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for 22 years. The committee, with the help of the fans’ votes, announced the induction of the band into the class of 2024 after years of fans demanding their introduction.

“I was thrilled to learn of Foreigner’s nomination,” lead guitarist and founding member Mick Jones said. “This confirmation of our coming membership in the home of my peers is a priceless highlight of my career.”



So, after Foreigner’s long-awaited induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame – which in itself has its controversies – there are so many deserving bands that haven’t had their name called. Foreigner’s induction provides the perfect stepping stone for other bands to be inducted. Some bands have somehow not yet been inducted into the hall. Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Bon Jovi and The Black Crowes are just four bands that come to mind. The thing that all these groups have in common is that they have sold millions of records, sold out major arenas worldwide and have not had any recognition by the Hall of Fame.

Why is Foreigner, 47 years after they debuted continuing the be trailblazers? It’s because they are one of two groups – Kiss being the other band – that originally would have never seen the hall without their fans. Like Kiss, Foreigner got snubbed year after year by the committee. Eventually, die-hard fans of both bands had enough. Fans grew tired of seeing the likes of Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and Eminem taking spots away from bands that had played the soundtrack to their lives. Why induct rappers when it’s the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame? At this point, the committee inducts performers despite and in spite of some of the other rock and roll bands.



What’s the hall’s deal with Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi? Are they too glam for them? Is their hair too big? T. Rex set that trend and blazed a whole new type of rock. While T. Rex and lead singer Marc Bolan are rock icons, bands that followed their lead should get their well-deserved nod. How long is the committee going to ignore and turn their heads to bands like Bon Jovi? You can’t go one full day without hearing “Livin’ on a Prayer” off of Slippery When Wet. 

It’s baffling that the hall is so open to rap and country artists but draws the line at metal bands. Is Mötorhead, Iron Maiden, and Dio not worthy enough? Some fans put them right in the conversation next to Metallica as the best metal bands of all time. Even lead singer and guitarist of Metallica, James Hetfield, got a tattoo with the lead singer of Mötorhead, Lemmy Kilmister’s ashes.

Some bands and artists like Thin Lizzy and the late Meat Loaf have been eligible since 1996 and might take it as a slap in the face. Meat Loaf had two back-to-back records, Bat Out of Hell and Dead Ringer that were massive. Thin Lizzy’s Bad Reputation and Jailbreak records were also huge when they were released. Jailbreak even had the smash hit song, “The Boys Are Back In Town.” That’s the equivalent of not inducting The Rolling Stones despite having songs like “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Gimmie Shelter.” It’s outrageous how some bands get the nod for the hall and others get overlooked.



With the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame no longer playing “Head Games” with Foreigner and opening their doors for the band, the best is yet to come. Foreigner broke down the barrier and kicked the very large elephant out of the room. They were always one of the bands that were never inducted, yet always deserved to be in the hall. 

Now, it’s only a matter of time until other bands follow. The Mötorhead’s and Bon Jovi’s of the music world all deserve to be inducted. They can thank their “Juke Box Hero,” Foreigner for being the reason they finally get the recognition they deserve.





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