Foreigner plays to huge crowd at The Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport CT 8-31-21



On a much cooler night than we’ve had for the last week, I headed to the new Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport Connecticut to see The Greatest Hits of Foreigner. As I arrived to the venue late, there wasn’t as huge a line to get in as I had experienced at the last 3 shows that I attended there. The crowd seemed anxious to get things started once they got their fill of food and beverages form one of the many locally owned concession stands.

While using every inch of the stage to entertain the crowd, this current lineup of Foreigner started off playing hits, ended the night playing hits, and played hits everywhere in between. The band currently consists of: Kelly Hansen on Vocals. Kelly was the lead singer for the band Hurricane. Jeff Pilson on Bass. Jeff is probably best known for his work in the band Dokken. Michael Bluestein on keyboards, Bruce Watson and Luis Maldonado on Guitars who have all played with many top named artists. And Chris Frazier rounding out the band on drums.

The Band started the night with “Double Vision”, “Head Games”, and “Cold as Ice”. Everyone on the floor was standing and singing along with the fantastic vocals of Kelly Hansen. He was able to hit all the notes of the original recordings. After the song “Blue Morning, Blue Day”, one of the fans passes a bouquet of Roses to the videographer to give to Kelly. He graciously accepted them. Later, Jeff Pilson had one of the roses in the headstock of his Bass Guitar. Kelly introduced Jeff Pilson as “The Magician” Bassist from Dokken, and noted that he is a full time member of Foreigner.

The Keyboardist was amazing, playing on 4 keyboards, and breaking out a Roland Keytar for the song “Urgent”. After which he shared the stage with Chris Frazier for a Keyboard/ Drum solo. During the drum solo, Chris poured bottles of water on the floor toms and then wailed on them to produce a shower induced show for the videographer.

Next up was a 11 plus minute rendition of “Juke Box Hero”. Kelly really got the crowd amp’d up during this song. For the Encore, they performed “Long, Long Way from Home”,” I Want to Know What Love Is”, and “Hot Blooded”.  “Hot Blooded” was definitely a crowd favorite, ending the night on a high note. In conclusion, Foreigner Played a high energy set of hit songs that left the fans thrilled and wanting more. 


Foreigner is:

Kelly Hansen – Vocals

Jeff Pilson – Bass Guitar

Michael Bluestein – Keyboards

Bruce Watson – Guitar

Chris Frazier – Drums

Luis Maldonado – Guitar




1.)  Double Vision

2.)  Head Games

3.)  Cold as Ice

4.)  Waiting for a Girl Like You

5.)  Blue Morning, Blue Day

6.)  Dirty White Boy

7.)  Feels Like the First Time

8.)  Urgent

Keyboard/Drum Solo

9.)  Juke Box Hero


10.)  Long, Long Way From Home

11.)  I Want to Know What Love Is

12.)  Hot Blooded




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