Friday Night Band Crawl Took Central Florida Music Live to Saint Cloud, Florida on 2-17-2023 To See Sound Theory and Power Surge.




Friday night, February 17, 2023 was an exceptionally beautiful night in Central Florida, low humidity and temperatures in the low 70’s. I ventured out to neighboring Saint Cloud after 10:00pm as it is just a six minute drive. My first stop on my band crawl was The Drunken Parrot Saloon in the Westgate Center Shopping Center. Sound Theory was on stage in the middle of their second set and some of the patrons were in front of the stage dancing. This is the perfect spot to start out Central Florida Music Live‘s band crawl.

After a couple of pleasant waves to bass player Tom Cook and guitarist Jeff Coda I proceeded to the back of the room to the sound board where an old friend Darren Barhydt who runs the lights and sound for the venue. Once reaching the sound board we exchanged pleasantries, and I unloaded my gear. The Drunken Parrot is one of my favorite Central Florida venues as the stage is always well lit making it easy to photograph the bands.

Sound Theory is always great to photograph as the players in the band are all to happy to help create great images. The downfall to the venue is the plexiglass box the drummer is in to dampen the volume of the drums. The plexiglass causes reflections making photography difficult, but on this night the band allowed access on the stage so that I could get close enough to deter the nasty glare and reflections.

Sound Theory has two lead singer and play a wide variety that induces the audience to get up and dance. Always making for a great show! Their setlist is below.

Tom Cook, the bass player I fondly refer to as Central Florida’s Ambassador to the music scene. Tom is always promoting Sound Theory shows on social media as well as other Central Florida bands and their shows. He is a true ambassador to the local music scene. Get out and support this band and all the Central Florida bands keeping the music scene strong in Central Florida!



Andy Simounet -Lead Vocals.

Jeff Coda -Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals.

Mark Bishop -Drums.

Christopher Stamper -Keyboards & Vocals.

Tom Cook -Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals

Darren Barhydt – Guitar/Lights/Sound



Set 2:

1.) Bon Jovi Medley

2.) Talk Dirty To Me

3.) Nothing But A Good Time

4.) Smokin In The Boys Room

5.) You Shook Me

6.) Sweet Emotion

7.) Walk This Way

8.) Once Bitten Twice Shy

9.) Pour Some Sugar On Me

10.) Livin After Midnight

11.) FMuisic/Superstar/The Funk/ Cake/Bites

12.) Dust/Relax/Don’t You Forget About Me/PMary/Para/Don’t Start


Set 3:

1.) Feels Like The First Time

2.) Hot Blooded

3.) Don’t Bring Me Down

4) Aint Talkin About Love

5.) Rock and Roll Fantasy

6.) Small Things

7.) Wanna Be Sedated

8.) Never Enough

9.) Rock and Toll All Night

10.) Mony Mony

11.) Everybody Wants You

12.) You Really Got Me

13.) Radar Love

14.) Highway to Hell


The second and last stop on the band crawl was The Garage Bar in the heart of Saint Cloud on Pennsylvania Avenue. On the stage just ending their second set was Power Surge, a band I had not seen before. Power Searge is a four piece band fronted by singer Samantha Martin. Guitarist Anthony Cocorullo and bass player Andrew Tannus are the core of the band that uses a combination of drummers. On this night, it was Derek Twingstron behind the kit.

It was getting near midnight and there was still a crowd about half full inside the bar enjoying the entertainment on stage. I quickly accessed Samantha Martin was the focal point of the entertainment as her vocals were outstanding and her delivery was just as spot on. This was a very welcome surprise to end my crawl for the evening. This is a band worth seeing.



Samantha Martin – Vocals

Anthony Cocorullo – Guitar

Andrew Tannus – Bass

Derek Twingstron – Drums



Set 1:

1.) Hit Me With Your Best Shot

2.) Kryptonite

3.) Santeria

4.) Small Things

5.) You Oughta Know

6.) What’s Up

7.) Shake It Off

8.) Are You Gonna Be My Girl

9.) Your Love

10.) I Want You Two Want Me

11.) I’m The Only One

12.) Hit Me Baby One More Time

13.) Hate Myself

14.) Bad Name


Set 2:

1.) Summer of 69

2.) It’s My Life

3.) Pour Some Sugar On Me

4.) Crazy Bitch

5.) Poker Face

6.) Creep

7.) Zombie

8.) Shook Me All Night Long

9.) Worst Enemy

10.) Funky Music

11.) Billie Jean

12.) Moves Like Jagger

13.) Sugar We’re Going Down


Saint Cloud use to have three full time music venues, but unfortunately there are only two. Keep an eye out for another restaurant or bar to fill the void very soon.








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