Future Palace Release New Single, Uncontrolled via Arising Empire Records






Release brand new single, ‘Uncontrolled
Our entire existence demands control – it seems all the more shocking when the feeling of self-control suddenly seems to disappear. In their new single, Future Palace set exactly this almost unbearable state of a slipping self to music and rely on some of the most powerful sonic contrasts that they have ever unleashed in their entire discography – out now worldwide via Arising Empire.
Uncontrolled‘ is driven by remarkably riff-focused instrumentals that would do even Slipknot credit. In their most epoch-making moments, the band glides into arrangements with immensely great vocal gestures, only to plunge into perhaps the dirtiest screams that singer Maria Lessing has ever uttered in the very next moment. The band is continuing a development that already began on their second album »Run« and with their last single ‘Malphas‘. Musically, Future Palace have now come shockingly close to the unpredictability and brutality of the dramatic themes that have always occupied them.
Uncontrolled‘ was created in 2022 and was written almost at the same time as the song ‘Malphas‘, which not only has a similarly heavy musical tone as the new single, but also lyrically speaks of a struggle with oneself. The words with which singer Maria Lessing describes the experiences that gave rise to ‘Uncontrolled‘ also sound correspondingly agitated.
“The loss of control in the title primarily relates to one’s own mental health and one’s own decision-making ability”, she says. “You can no longer manage to get up in the morning and have to constantly regain your strength. You can no longer manage to meet deadlines or function at all. ‘Uncontrolled’ represents what it feels like when everything falls apart and seems hopeless.
‘Uncontrolled’ is Future Palace’s first new material in almost a year. Last fall, the band played in several cities across Europe on their biggest headline tour to date, many of the shows were sold out. The music video for the new song, which was shot in Riga, Latvia, was again shot by Pavel Trebukhin, with whom the band has been working for a long time and who has already produced clips for big names such as Landmvrks, Imminence and Trivium.
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