Gene Potts Of Colossal Street Jam Discusses New Record, The Asbury Park Music Scene, Touring, & More November 27, 2023



Gene Potts is the singer for Colossal Street Jam, a 5-piece 70’s inspired rock and roll band with Asbury Park, New Jersey roots. In 2016, the band released their album called Living Free, which would land them an award for the Australian Indie Album of the Year For Internet Radio, and they would release a follow-up album in 2018 called Just Take Hold. In 2019, the band completed two tours of Europe, and over the years the band has shared stages with iconic acts like Grand Funk, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, Stone Temple Pilots, and many more. The band has just released a video for their new single, which is the title track from their upcoming record No Way To Live.

In this interview, singer Gene Potts talks about the writing process and the family vibe within the band. He also discusses influences the Asbury Park legacy and the current scene, and the themes behind the new record.




“No Way To Live” video:








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