Get an All Star Concert in One Show With Music Mob!



Most concerts or rock n roll shows that we attend, tickets are purchased with the motivation of seeing our favorite artist perform our favorite songs. Through the course of the performance, we sit through songs that we either don’t recognize or really don’t want to hear. The problem is that most artists don’t have 18 or 20 songs that became hits to keep the audience holding onto every note. We sit tight during the show hearing one or two in the beginning of the set that we love knowing the best is always left for last. But what if the concert were performed with every song being a bonified hit? No, The Beatles aren’t touring again, but I think you understand what I’m describing. These were the initial thoughts of Jeff Blando back in 2010.  He is the lead guitarist for the band Slaughter and Vince Neil of Motley Crue’s solo touring band.

I caught up with Blando this week on the Slaughter tour to discuss his side project, “Music Mob”. Blando has put together a solid band which include drummers, Will Hunt of Evanescence and Zoltan Cheney from Vince Neil’s solo project and bass players Paul Drennan of Lynch Mob, and Dana Strum of Slaughter/Vince Neil. Multiple musicians need to be used to fill out the band because of touring conflicts within their own bands.


The band then backs a group of iconic singers Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Mark Slaughter of Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, George Lynch of Dokken, Robert Mason of Warrant, Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, and Sammy Hagar of Van Halen.



Any of these front men would be a great draw on their own, but now imagine three or four of them in one night! Each of them play their top five songs then joining in a grand finale. Together on one stage each perform two songs to bring the show to a close. This is the ultimate concert, right? I am sure you’re asking yourself right about now, when and where can I see this amazing show? Well, these performances have only been booked for private parties and corporate events. I asked Blando if this type of show would ever tour? His response was that “all of the parties involved have commitments to their prospective bands and these shows are only scheduled during the week, during off days from their current tour obligations.” Sigh.

I have seen the touring cover band, Hairball. Each singer does three or four songs from their greatest hits collection filling in a 20 to 25 song show. It’s very successful and it’s great entertainment. They have been touring for over 20 years. The singers are rockstar impersonators not the real deal.

“Music Mob” has performed 12 shows and was gaining momentum in 2019. But, like the rest of the entertainment industry, 2020 was washed out by the pandemic. We can only hope this concept catches on and we get a public show or two out of the Mob! If so, you can count me in!