HAZE Releases His Debut Music Video






Brisbane based artist HAZE has finished blooming on the exclusive Tik Tok show UNDSCVRD Presented By Samsung and today releases his debut single “Looking for Love”. The track details his relatable journey in search of love, despite yet never seeming to find it. Despite the song showcasing a melancholy undertone,  the undeniable melodic flow has helped document HAZE’s personal experiences and struggles. 



Produced by the award winning platinum producer James Angus and co-written by multi-platinum songwriter Brook Toia, HAZE draws attention to the authentic and subtle sounds that attract listeners to lean in and root for him on his journey.. Drawing inspiration from his youth, music was a constant that helped him channel his emotions positively that also allowed him to escape the chaos that overwhelmed his life at the time. As he continued to fall in love with the ability music has to touch people, HAZE discovered his passion as an artist that brought out a side of him he’d never before experienced. 

Speaking on what his debut single reflects about him he shares: 

“I’d like this competition to reflect  my love for music and that I’m open and honest with my emotions. I have learnt through this experience that being true to yourself is important and you need to 100% back who you were destined to be and own your stuff” – HAZE

As a contestant on Season 2, HAZE gained valuable exposure and made connections in the music industry that will lead to more opportunities. Throughout the whole show he was the contestant that preached authenticity and although at times battled with confidence he always showcased his true self. Excited about what the future holds, HAZE is ready to continue building and looks towards the future to share his music with the world.





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