High Octane Rockabilly Time At The Drunken Parrot with Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels February 27, 2021



It seemed like a quiet night from the parking lot when I pulled into The Drunken Parrot Saloon on Saturday February 27, 2021, that was hardly the case. The joint was jumping with one of my favorite Central Florida performers, Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels. They were just lighting the place up rocking the joint as they always do. It was a warm evening in the mid 70’s under clear sky’s. Those factors alone didn’t make a whole lot of sense why the masses weren’t out and about, unless they were holding back for Bike Week which kicks off next weekend in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The Quarter Mile Rebels started at 9:00pm and were scheduled to perform until 1:00am. I arrived at the end of the first set and hung around until midnight. Jeff Vitolo is charismatic and plays his Gretsch hollow body guitars like no other. He made references to the 1970’s TV shows “Happy Days” and “Hee Haw” to help bring us back in time to set the mood. Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels are a throw back to simpler times, back to the 1950’s with their rockabilly style. Hell, the bass player, Kenneth Donahue even plays a upright bass! The Rebels play covers and original material and even the slow songs rock the house.

Is this a spectacle you may be thinking? No, is my answer, just three men having a great time with high octane entertainment that I dare you not to bop you head, tap your feet, or just get up and dance. Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels are the life of the party in any setting.



JEFF VITOLO – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
KENNETH DONAHUE – Upright Bass/Vocals




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