Howard Jones Talks Touring With Culture Club And An Upcoming 40th Anniversary Book And 4-CD Package 5/9/2023



Howard Jones is widely known throughout the world for huge 80’s hits like “New Song,” “Things Can Only Get Better,” and “No One Is To Blame,” among many others. He has continued making great music for the past 40 years, with his most recent album, Dialogue, being released in September of 2022. Howard will be touring as part of the “Letting It Go Show” tour with Culture Club and Berlin throughout North America in July and August 2023. And after that, he kicks off his 40th Anniversary Tour in the UK starting in October.

In this phone conversation, Howard opens up about his most recent album, Dialogue, and tells us when we can expect the next record. He also speaks out about the upcoming “Letting It Go Show” tour with Culture Club and Berlin, as well as a special fan book and 4-CD package that he has ready to release to celebrate his 40th Anniversary.




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