Ice Nine Kills Welcomes Horrorwood in Toronto, Ontario, December 2, 2021



It was a sold-out crowd at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, as the “Hip to be Scared” tour by Ice Nine Kills arrives in Canada. After more than a year of closure, this historic venue couldn’t wait to get back to hosting concerts and the crowd tonight certainly felt the same way. 

The show started with the opening band, Fame on Fire. They performed with a well-round mix of rock, hip hop, and hardcore into their music. The lead singer Bryan Kuznitz displayed a powerful balance of clean and scream vocals in the first two songs, “It’s Okay,” and “Her Eyes.” Fame on Fire got the crowd involved with a cover of “Numb” by Linkin Park. They finished their set with a rock and hip hop cover of “XO Tour Life” by Lil Uzi Vertz. Fame on Fire is a promising band that people who like rock and hip hop should give these guys a listen to.
Fame On Fire Lineup:
Bryan Kuznitz – lead singer
Blake Saul – guitarist
Paul Spirou – bassist
Alex Roman – drummer



1.) It’s Okay

2.) Her Eyes

3.) Not Dead Yet

4.) Cut Throat

5.) Numb (Linkin Park cover)


7.) XO Tour Llif3 (Lil Uzi Vert Cover)


Heavy deathcore band Currents comes next swinging with brutal and heavy tunes with their first three songs, “Into Despair,” “The Rope,” and “Poverty of Self.” Lead vocalist Brian Wille shows off his impeccable displays of deep growls, screams, and clean vocals in their set. The crowd interacted with circle pits and headbangers which made for an entertaining set for the deathcore lovers. 


Currents Lineup:

 Brian Wille – lead vocalist

Christian Pulgarin – guitarist

Ryan Castaldi – guitarist

Matt Young – drummer





1.) Into Despair

2.) The Rope

3.) Poverty of Self

4.) A Flag to Wave

5.) Monsters

6.) Kill the Ache

7.) Better Days


The third opener of the night is the metalcore band Bad Omens. They start off their set with “THE DEATH OF PEACE AND MIND,” where they start off slow but end the song with powerful vocals and screams with heavy drums and guitar riffs. It was the perfect song to introduce themselves as a band with a mix of heavy and melodic sounds. They got the crowd to interact with the chorus with their song, “Never Know.” They end their set with a classic deathcore drop with “Dethrone,” where a mosh pit forms at the middle of the stage. 


Bad Omens Lineup:

Noah Sebastian – lead vocalist

Joakim Karlsson – vocals, guitarist

Nicholas Ruffilo – bassist, guitarist

Nick Folio – drummer





2.) Glass Houses

3.) The Hell I Overcame

4.) Mercy

5.) Never Know

6.) Limits

7.) Dethrone


The sold-out crowd was more than warmed up to be ready for Ice Nine Kills. After an intermission with the Halloween theme song playing, the light goes off and the crowd shouts in excitement. After a message introducing the set, an unknown lead singer ____ approaches the stage with their horror theme masks and starts singing the opening lines of “Welcome to Horrorhood.” After a first few lines, each band member approaches with their masks before they explode with powerful riffs, drums, and screams. Known for their horror aesthetics, they bring out different props and masks for each of their songs, from knives and chainsaws.

Their horror concept brings to life with their display of brutal metalcore music. “SAVAGES,” “Hip to be Scared,” and “Communion of the Cursed” are just a few songs that feature deep bass, low guitars, and vocalist Spencer Charnas growls and screams. The crowd was engaged through every song, singing to every line, and headbanging to every breakdown. 

Every song is a headbanger for everyone to get excited for. Even their slow-paced songs such as “A Grave Mistake” still sound powerful with uplifting vocals by Charnas and his other members joining in.

I was fascinated by Ice Nine Kills commitment to making their concert like a theatre. Each song had a visual to relate to their concept around horror.  Ice Nine Kill is a band everyone should check out for those who want to listen to a mix of melodic and metalcore music, and for those who enjoy a theatre of horror. 
Ice Nine Kills Lineup:
Spencer Charnas – lead vocalist
Ricky Armellino – co-lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist
Joe Occhiuti – co-lead vocalist, bassist
Dan Sugarman – co-lead vocalist, lead guitarist
Patrick Galante – drummer


1.) Welcome to Horrorwood


3.) A Rash Decision

4.) Stabbing in the Dark

5.) Hip to be Scared

6.) Funeral Derangements

7.) Communion of the Cursed

8.) Ex-Mørtis

9.) Farewell II Flesh

10.) Assault & Batteries

11.) The Shower Scene

12.) Rainy Day

13.) A Grave Mistake

14.) Thank God it’s Friday

15.) The American Nightmare


16.) It is the End




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