Immolation, “Acts of God” drops February 18, 2022



Hailing from New York City, Immolation have become a staple of the death metal community for over 30 years. Coming up this February 18 (2022), Immolation releases their 11th album that was 5 years in the making. Produced by Paul Orofino and mixed by Zak Ohren, “Acts of God” coming out on Nuclear Blast Records, combines crisp, clean guitar tracks with driving drums. The, almost growling, vocals of Ross Dolan provides an antithetical storyboard against the music but, it works perfectly. This album doesn’t disappoint and is well worth the wait. Checking in at just under 50 minutes, “Acts of God” is a no holds barred attack on the senses that only makes the listener want more.

The first two single releases are “Apostle” and “The age of no light”. The videos are both harmonious and contradictory in their visuals. Both videos, with their sepia tones and live performance clips set the tone but, that is where the similarities end. “Apostle”, seems to look towards the past with scenes of gothic architecture and images of tortured souls reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno. While “The Age of No Light” seems to look ahead to a burnt out post apocalyptic world with flame and ash. 

My personal stand out tracks are “Abandoned”, “Noose of Thorns” and “Immoral Stain”. “Abandoned” is just a great instrumental intro track. It really sets the mood for what is to come. “Noose of Thorns” had my head bouncing the first time through. It’s a solid, driving tune that just grabbed me from the start. “Immoral Stain”, with it’s melodic intro, is a technical juggernaut of a song. It make me want to get in the pit and tear some stuff up. 

While death metal may not be everyone’s cup of tea, metal fans will be talking about this band and this record for years to come. So, if you are a metal fan,  this one is a must to add to your collection. You won’t regret it.


On the death metal meter, I give this one  9/10 skulls!





Track listing

1). Abandoned

2). An Act of God

3). The Age of New Light

4). Noose of Thorns

5). Shed the Light

6). Blooded

7). Overtures of the Wicked

8). Immoral Stain

9). Incineration Procession

10). Broken Prey

11). Derelict of Spirit

12). When Halos Burn

13). Let the Darkness in

14). And the Flames Wept

15). Apostle


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Ross Dolan – bass, vocals

Robert Vigna – guitar

Steve Shalaty – drums

Alex Bouks – guitar




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