Interview with Nine Inch Nails, Angels and Airwaves, and The New Regime Drummer and Singer Ilan Rubin


Ilan Rubin of The New Regime has recently released of the full length album “Heart Mind Body & Soul.” Ilan is a busy man these days as he is working in three bands, Nine Inch Nails, Angels and Airwaves, and his newest project The New Regime. All Music Magazine‘s Correspondent Alex Greshel caught up with Ilan to shared some of the questions the fans are dying to know.


All Music Magazine:  How does Nine Inch Nails, Angels and Airwaves differ from The New Regime?

Ilan: They are all extremely different. People are very aware of Nine Inch Nails and how Trent Reznor writes and on top of that, they were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Angles and Airwaves are very poppy like. Nine Inch Nails and Angles are complete opposites of each other! The New Regime is Different because of how I write and the sounds that I create! Even the drumming is very different between Nine Inch Nails and Angels and Airwaves. 


All Music Magazine: What is it like being the next Dave Grohl and stepping away from the drum kit?

Ilan: The biggest challenge is getting the balls to sing. I became a singer by forcing myself to do so! As a writer, I am able to play all the instruments and love having the freedom to do so. 


All Music Magazine: Is it weird not playing drums?

Ilan: No not at all. I play all the instruments when recording so it’s not weird at all! Drums are great and fun but, I can only do so much! When it comes to melody and chords, drums aren’t practical and when I’m home I play more guitar and piano when writing and not much on the drums anymore.


All Music Magazine: What is your Favorite show you ever played?

Ilan: Man I love touring but I can’t pinpoint favorite shows because there have been so many! I love being on stage and playing in front of people, getting the people hyped up! But I also love getting home after a show and just sitting down on my computer and writing some more music!


All Music Magazine: What can we expect after quarantine 

Ilan: Angels and Airwaves will have a new album done. The New Regime has half an album done in writing. I just need to do some recording! I’m learning new scoring! As far as Nine Inch Nails? I’m not sure for now!





Heart Mind Body & Soul Tracklist
1. A Way To Feel Again
2. Surreal Disaster
3. You Can Be (Whoever You Want To Be)
4. Heart Mind Body & Soul
5. Struggle In My Bones
6. Sweet Kind Of Suffering
7. Do Right By Me
8. Knocking Down Your Door
9. It’s Gonna Be OK
10. Tell Me What You Want
11. Destructive Patterns
12. Turning A Blind Eye
13. I’ll Never Let You Let Me
14. Feel No Pain
15. Smoke & Mirrors
16. She Had Me Wrong



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