Iron Maiden invades the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California September 27, 2022


Tuesday night, September 27, 2022,  brought me to the Concord Pavilion in Concord California for what can only be described as a heavy metal dream. Trivium was opening for the heavy metal legends Iron Maiden. While technically, this tour was to support Maidens newest release Senjutsu, this is still part of the Legacy of The Beast tour. 

Trivium was up first to, as Matt Heafy said, warm the crowd up for Iron Maiden. These guys came out of the gates swinging. I think the crowd needed a warm up for the warm up. Opening up with “Silence in the Snow”, this power packed seven song set kept the audience’s energy level high and their attention focused. Trivium’s set consisted of songs as far back as 2008 and included two songs from their latest release In the Court of the Dragon. “The Phalanx” and “The Shadow of the Abattoir”. Towards the end of their set, They thanked Iron Maiden for kickstarting their career by bringing them on tour back in 2006. They were definitely grateful to the rock legends.


Trivium are:

Matt Heafy – Guitar, Vocals

Corey Beaulieu – Guitar

Paolo Gregoletto – Bass

Alex Bent – Drums




1). Silence in the Snow

2). Into the Mouth of Hell We March

3). The Sin and the Sentence

4). The Phalanx

5). The Heart From Your Hate

6). Strife

7). The Shadow of the Abattoir




When Iron Maiden hit the stage, the world could have been ending outside the venue and no one would have cared. Maiden fans are a special breed of fan. These people are mega-fans to say the least. People travel from all over the world to see them in various locations and this show was no different. The barrier between the photo pit and the stage was lined with flags and battle vests from all over. Opening with three songs from the new album Senjutsu, the rest of the set consisted of nearly two hours of all our favorites from the years gone by. Each song featured a different backdrop and different props. One person next to me described it as musical theater for metalheads. I can’t disagree but, that is what makes Maiden, Maiden. Their songs tell a story and they provide the visuals live. 

Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie made two appearances, once as a samurai warrior and once as the trooper. Each time, he and Bruce Dickenson battled on stage as the stories were told. As for the rest of the show, the night was filled with fire, fireworks and intense mood lighting setting the scene for each story. At one point, Bruce “blew up” the stage with a giant dynamite plunger. Truly a sight. 

They briefly left the stage after their title track “Iron Maiden” before coming back for not one but, two encores. The show ended with a giant WWII fighter plane flying over the stage while the Winston Churchill ‘Never Surrender’ speech segued into “Aces High” .


Iron Maiden are:

Steve Harris – Bass

Dave Murray – Guitar

Adrian Smith – Guitar

Bruce Dickinson – Vocals

Nicko McBrain – Drums

Janick Gers – Guitar




1.) Senjutsu

2.) Stratego

3.) The Writing on the Wall

4.) Revelations

5.) Blood Brothers

6.) Sign of the Cross

7.) Flight of Icarus

8.) Fear of the Dark

9.) Hallowed Be Thy Name

10.) The Number of the Beast

11.) Iron Maiden


12.) The Trooper

13.) The Clansman

14.) Run to the Hills

Encore 2:

15.) Churchill’s Speech

16.) Aces High






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