Jamie Webster, Hometown Boy, Shines for On The Waterfront, Pier Head, Liverpool. 2nd July 2023



It’s a wet but warm tonight in Liverpool as the Cities favourite son Jamie Webster put on his second sell-out gig of “On The Waterfront” long weekend of live music. The venue tonight is on the iconic waterfront right next to the legendary skyline that all visitors to Liverpool see when arriving by cruise ships and with “The Three Graces” of the Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building as a backdrop it certainly is a brilliant place to be even in the drizzle and dampness.

Unfortunately due to a mix-up with the photo pass tonight, we didn’t get to see the first few acts on the bill but we did get in on time to see another Liverpool legend “Michael Head And The Red Elastic Band”   Head is an English singer-songwriter and musician from Liverpool, England. He is most famous as the lead singer and songwriter for Shack and the Pale Fountains, NME has described him as “a lost genius and among the most gifted British songwriters of his generation”.His last album “Dear Scott” released in June last year received an in The Guardian and a 5-star review in Mojo magazine. The album peaked at number 6 on the official UK chart, making it Michael Head’s highest-ever charting album.

The band came on stage with the weather getting worse but not a single punter in the crowd was worried about this steady rain as Head and his band performed a faultless set in their home city. Head is a master at his trade and his talent and longevity shine though as their set, full of great musicianship from his band members, seems to pass in no time. What a brilliant way to warm up the Liverpool crowd!

It was now almost time for Jamie Webster to join the party and the atmosphere crackled with anticipation as fans, young and old, gathered in the iconic waterfront setting, ready to be swept away by the raw energy and powerful lyrics of the Liverpool-born troubadour.



As the stage lights dimmed, a collective roar of excitement erupted from the crowd, and the opening song of “Goin’ Out” reverberated through the air. Instantly, the audience was transported into a world where passion and unity intertwined seamlessly, and the spirit of Liverpool echoed through every note. Webster’s commanding stage presence and authentic connection with his hometown fans were evident from the moment he stepped into the spotlight. His gravelly, heartfelt vocals echoed across the Pier Head, captivating the audience and drawing them deeper into his musical narrative. There was an undeniable sense of camaraderie as fans sang along, word-for-word, creating a chorus of voices that seemed to shake the very foundations of the city.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through Webster’s discography, incorporating both fan favourites and newer tracks. Each song was delivered with unrivalled energy, leaving no doubt that Webster’s passion for his craft was matched only by the devotion of his audience. From the infectious rhythm of “Living for Yesterday” to the introspective intros of “Something’s Gotta Give,” every moment was a testament to the power of music to unite and inspire.

As the night progressed, the connection between artists and fans only grew stronger. Webster effortlessly commanded the stage, sharing personal stories and anecdotes between songs, which deepened the sense of intimacy and made the audience feel like old friends. His humility and genuine appreciation for his fans were evident in every smile and heartfelt thank you, creating a bond that transcended the traditional performer-audience dynamic.

The grand finale was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Webster closed the night with “We Get By” and the crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers, applause, and emotional sing-alongs. The music seemed to reverberate across the waterfront, capturing the essence of Liverpool and its unwavering spirit. Then came a three-song encore of “In My Life”, his anthemic masterpiece, “This Place,” and ending with “Weekend In Paradise”




As the final notes rang out, and the cheers began to subside, the audience remained spellbound, unwilling to let the moment slip away. Jamie Webster had delivered a performance that would be etched in their memories forever, reminding everyone present of the incredible power of music to unite, uplift, and inspire.

In that magical (if not wet) evening at The Pier Head Liverpool, Jamie Webster proved himself to be more than just a musician; he became a symbol of hope, a voice for the people, and a true son of Liverpool.



1/ Goin’ Out

2/ Days Unknown

3/ Living For Yesterday

4/ Davey Kane

5/ Moments

6/ Out On The Streets

7/ Voice Of The Voiceless

8/ Change

9/ Grinding The Gears

10/ Somethings Gotta Give

11/ Stop Living Blind

12/ Common People

13/ North End Kid

14/ Knock At My Door

15/ Something In The Air

16/ This Must Be The Place

17/ We Get By


18/ In My Life

19/ This Place

20/ Weekend In Paradise