Jasmine Cain Returns to Central Florida at The Alley in Sanford July 16, 2021



Last night, July 16, 2021, I venture out to Sanford, Florida to catch the first of three shows Jasmine Cain is performing in Florida. Cain lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is returning this year after playing at Bike Week earlier in the year. Bike Week is a twelve day event in Central Florida that brings over 500,000 visitors. With all these folks in town, businesses want to cash in and live entertainment is offered in every nook and cranny from Tampa to Daytona. It is a wonderful event if live music is your passion. Jasmine Cain was one of those artists that came to Central Florida to join in the fun. All Music Magazine covered one of her many shows during Bike Week on March 14, 2021 in Deland, Florida. Her return July 16th, has been on the calendar since last March. 

I arrived at The Alley around 9:15pm a little more than an hour after the show had started. The joint was jumping and The Alley was packed with a standing room only crowd in attendance. I made my way through the crowd and emerged stage left and got ready to cover the show. The dance floor was packed and the band was in high gear. Jasmine plays bass guitar and commands the stage with her presence and soulful vocals. Taylor McKee just shreds on guitar and Philip Kelly is solid and entertaining behind his drum kit.

Jasmine Cain predominately plays the Harley Davidson motorcycle tour, but she plays more than that covering about 170 shows a year. Cain is a 2 Time Alt Rock Band and 2016 Nashville Industry Music Awards Artist of the Year! She currently has recorded seven albums of original music and has over 30 music awards on her resume. On this night, she performed covers from Tool, Alice and Chains, and Metallica mixing in originals during her set. If you love raw, hard-core rock and roll, Jasmine Cain is the artist you need to check out. Her show is soulful, powerful, energetic, and one from the ages. She performs raw, unadulterated rock and roll in your face. I don’t believe overdub has ever been in her vocabulary as Jasmine Cain is an original powerhouse and genuine raw entertainer. I just love her performances and will get out and see her whenever I have the opportunity! 





Jasmine Cain – Vocals/Bass

Taylor McKee – Guitar/Vocals

Philip Kelly – Drum





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