Jinjer, Elvellon & Charlotte Wessels all have new stuff

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Releases Poignant Live Video for Gripping Hit Track “Home Back” 
Cut from their First Official Live DVD/BluRay, Live in Los Angeles, Out Today



JINJER, Ukraine’s most dynamic musical force, has just unleashed a new live video for their gripping anti-war anthem, “Home Back”. The live version of the song is cut from their highly anticipated first official live DVD/BluRay, Live in Los Angeles, set to be released this Friday, May 17 via Napalm Records. Originally the track appeared on JINJER’s 2019 studio album, Macro. This meaningful song holds profound significance and perfectly embraces the sense of the new live album. In fact, filmed on December 22, 2022 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA, USA, Live in Los Angeles not only honors their endurance through recent challenges, but also celebrates their triumphant 15-year journey.

During these years, JINJER attained remarkable milestones, touring globally and captivating millions at prestigious festivals like Hellfest, Rock am Ring, Graspop Metal Meeting, Download Festival and Rocklahoma USA. Moreover, their latest triumph, the acclaimed studio album Wallflowers, broke charts worldwide, soaring to #1 on both the US Billboard Top New Artist Album charts and Canadian Hard Music album charts, #2 on the US Hard Music album charts, #5 on the official UK Rock & Metal album charts and #7 on the official German album charts.
JINJER on “Home Back”:
“Since it‘s original release back in 2019, ‘Home Back’ has become another anthem for JINJER and our followers. From its upbeat musical groove to its lyrics charged with pacifism and unfortunate predictions about the state of the world we find ourselves in today, we felt like this was no brainer to release as the third single for the Live In Los Angeles DVD!”

Live in Los Angeles was a spontaneous decision by the band, recorded as raw as possible, to emphasize the passion that can come from a live show. This release is an explosive mixture of JINJER’s discography – featuring fan favorites like “Sit Stay Roll Over”“Call Me A Symbol” and the game changing “Pisces”. The live album contains 16 songs in various audio formats, with some strictly limited: the Deluxe Digipack features not only a DVD, but also two more songs, “Wallflower” & “Disclosure!”, recorded in Paris in 2023. 

With feisty growls and soul-shattering clean vocals, the live energy of frontwoman Tatiana Shmayluk presented on Live in Los Angeles leaves the listener breathless, whilst lethally groovy riffs and multifarious drums culminate to a technical masterpiece, cutting sharp like a razorblade. Live in Los Angeles is JINJER at the top of their game – breaking every rule in heavy metal by doing things their very own way, and preparing fans for the next step of their world domination!

JINJER on Live in Los Angeles:
“Our sold-out Los Angeles show at the end of our 2022 tour was the perfect time and place to do something special – something like a long-awaited DVD/live album by JINJER! The totally packed, legendary venue, the crazy west coast vibes, and most importantly, the band delivering it with full force after being on tour for 6 months around the globe – from Europe to Australia and back to the USA – made this an extra special night. For the fans who joined us that night at The Wiltern, it was an unforgettable concert, but now every single JINJER supporter around the world can experience and enjoy an ideal set featuring our biggest hits from older albums as well as recent bangers. This is not just a DVD or a live album, but a celebration of the first 15 years of the JINJER story, right before we move on to the next chapter…”
Live in Los Angeles tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Sit Stay Roll Over
3. Teacher, Teacher!
4. Copycat
5. Home Back
6. I Speak Astronomy
7. As I Boil Ice
8. Judgement (& Punishment)
9. Dead Hands Feel No Pain
10. Vortex
11. Who Is Gonna Be The One
12. Sleep Of The Righteous
13. Call Me A Symbol
14. Perennial
15. Pisces
16. On The Top
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Rising Symphonic Metal Force Unleashes New Single “The Aftermath Of Life” 
New Album, Ascending in Synergy, out today!
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German rising symphonic metal force ELVELLON is back with an electrifying announcement as they unveil their captivating new single, “The Aftermath Of Life“, from their upcoming album Ascending in Synergy, set to be released this Friday, May 17, 2024! “The Aftermath Of Life“ is accompanied by an official music video that promises to seduce the listener’s senses.

Dubbed as “heroes of tomorrow“ by Metal Hammer Germany, ELVELLON is no stranger to praise. Following their critically acclaimed 2018 album, Until Dawn, which featured the track “Born From Hope“, which amassed over 1.3M views and 2.5M streams across platforms, the hype for Ascending in Synergy is palpable. Since their inception in 2010, ELVELLON has already graced stages at prestigious festivals such as RockHarz Festival, M’era Luna, and Rock Fest Barcelona, both at home and abroad.

The countdown is on, so ensure you’ve secured your pre-order to experience the magic!


“´The Aftermath Of Life´ is a song that perfectly combines two different sides of Elvellon, which are heavy guitar riffs with dark keyboard sounds and big choruses with catchy melodies. Thematically, it’s about the process that all of us who have made it to this day can accept decay and aging as part of life and make peace with it.”



Ascending in Synergy proves that this promising German unit is on top of their game and skillfully manages to balance the tightrope act between diving into the early beginnings of symphonic metal, yet splicing all songs with a contemporary vibe. Opening track “Unbound” impresses with skillful orchestral arrangements and vocalist Nele Messerschmidt’s extraordinary voice. Dramatic, dark soundscapes and heavy riffs on songs like “Ocean Of Treason” and “The Aftermath Of Life” keep the listener in a tight grip. ELVELLON’s dreamlike, cinematic side shines especially bright on tracks like “Last Of Our Kind” and “The Aeon Tree”. Massive album finale “Epiphany Of Mine” closes Ascending in Synergy impactfully, leaving the listener wanting for more.


Magical Ascending in Synergy proves that ELVELLON is one of the most promising current bands in the German symphonic metal scene. Join ELVELLON on an exciting journey between childlike wonders and hard-hearted bitterness!

ELVELLON about Ascending in Synergy:

“We are incredibly excited to see how our fans will receive Ascending In Synergy. A lot has happened since our debut album and the songwriting process has changed a lot. It still feels like 100% ELVELLON to us, but the dynamics have expanded. It has become more orchestral and more metal at the same time. Also, lyrically we no longer stick to a single concept, but the songs are held together by a common thread.”


Tracklist Ascending in Synergy:

1. Unbound

2. A Vagabond’s Heart

3. My Forever Endeavour

4. Ocean of Treason

5. The Aftermath of Life

6. Last of our Kind

7. Into the Vortex

8. A Legacy Divine

9. The Aeon Tree

10. Epiphany of Mine



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Reveals Info on New Album – The Obsession Drops September 20

Haunting Single “The Exorcism” + Official Video Out Now


Photo credit: Tim Tronckoe


The first full studio album experience by Dutch singer/songwriter CHARLOTTE WESSELS (ex-DELAIN)!


Today, after announcing the release of her new studio album for September 20, charismatic Dutch singer/songwriter CHARLOTTE WESSELS unveiled the album’s title together with the first single! Entitled The Obsession, the album marks Wessels’ Napalm Records debut, and while her earlier solo endeavors – full-length song compilations Tales From Six Feet Under (2021) and Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II (2022) – already gained her a remarkable number of devotees, The Obsessiontruly takes her career to the next level. 

The new album promises a cohesive exploration of fear and liberation, as well as spellbinding melancholia and dark, catchy elements meeting progressive and heavier soundscapes. The storytelling within the songs gives the multifaceted album even more depth, making The Obsessionan exciting listening experience and Wessels’ most mature solo offering so far.
First single “The Exorcism” is astonishing proof of Wessels’ matchless talent and genre-bending songwriting qualities, and in addition, marks the heaviest solo offering she has released so far. Quietly drawing the listener into this sonic sphere, the song bursts into a heavy attack shortly after. It’s calm and loud, reduced and bombastic, fragile and confident alike and presents CHARLOTTE WESSELS’ thrilling full vocal range – heating up the anticipation for everything that’s to come! “The Exorcism” is now available on all streaming services worldwide, and fans can now experience the official high-quality video, linked below!
CHARLOTTE WESSELS on “The Exorcism”:
“I’ve been thinking a lot about fears and behaviors I’ve had since I was a child, and how at certain moments in life I thought I’d overcome them for good, but they’d always rear their ugly heads again in time. I keep wondering why. Did I invite them back in? ‘The Exorcism’ is a call for these demons to stay away – but also a message to myself and others facing similar challenges, to hang on – even if they don’t.”



While still writing and producing the songs in her Six Feet Under basement home studio and sharing their first incarnations with her patrons, CHARLOTTE WESSELS now takes the songs from her new album, The Obsession, to the next level with a band of her fellow ex-DELAIN cohorts Timo Somers (guitars, additional arrangements), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass) and Joey Marin de Boer (drums) as well as Sophia Vernikov (piano/hammond), contributing to the new heavier sound. The album also features arrangements by Vikram Shankar (Silent Skies, Pain of Salvation), cello by Elianne Anemaat, was mixed by Guido Aalbers (Muse, Coldplay, The Gathering) and was mastered by Andy VanDette (Porcupine Tree, VOLA, Dream Theater). 
CHARLOTTE WESSELS about the new album:
“On the one hand, this album tells a very personal story – through its unintended theme of fear, obsessive thoughts and the escapes from them – and at the same time it represents the joy of finding the song’s true forms with everyone involved in the making of this record. That’s why I chose The Obsession as a title. It refers to my personal challenges with OCD that inspired many of the songs – but I’ve also started referring to the band as The Obsession – because there were moments in the studio with them that truly reminded me of why I’m obsessed with making music in the first place.”

Themes of fear, obsessive thoughts and escapism run rampant on the album, presenting dark and heavy on songs like “The Exorcism”“The Crying Room” and “Ode To The West Wind” (feat. Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy). In addition, there are songs that offer a more upbeat approach to the subject – like “Dopamine” (feat. Simone Simons of Epica) which deals with SSRI-induced numbness, or “Praise” – which sings the gospel of needing external validation in order to feel anything. The reimagining of fan-favorite “Soft Revolution” won’t leave a dry eye in the room, while “Soulstice” and “Serpentine” present an unprecedented dark sensuality. Each song itself functions like an exorcism, an attempt to cast out a little of the fear it deals with. 

CHARLOTTE WESSELS about the guests:
“I’m extremely grateful and proud to add Simone Simons and Alissa White-Gluz to the line-up of this album. They are creative powerhouses that I have so much love and respect for. Whenever we get to work together is an absolute treat and they really elevated the songs with their performances.”



The Obsession Tracklist:
1.   Chasing Sunsets

2.   Dopamine

3.   The Exorcism

4.   Soulstice

5.   The Crying Room

6.   Ode To The West Wind

7.   Serpentine

8.   Praise

9.   All You Are

10. Vigor And Valor

11. Breathe;

12. Soft Revolution (2024)