Jinjer’s Coming to America Tour smokes up the stage at Denver, Colorado’s sold out Summit Music Hall November 2nd, 2021



This past Tuesday evening in a chilly Denver, Colorado, I made my way to the sold out Summit Music Hall for Jinjer’s coming to America tour. This tour had been sold out for weeks, so it was no surprise to see the line of fans waiting to get in go around the block. The Summit Music Hall is a concert venue with a capacity of about 1100, with a balcony and to wide staircases leading up to that balcony. 

Opening up this evening was the heavy metal of, All Hail The Yeti and they wasted no time in getting the crowd fired up with their first song, “Suicide Woods” from their 2012 self titled debut album, All Hail The Yeti. This was going to be a night of metal music and the crowd was ready with the horns up and head banging right from the start. Movement in the crowd started as the band moved into their song, “Headless Valley” from their new 2021 album, Within the Hollow Earth. As the smoke poured out onto the stage, the band moved through their songs and finished their set with, “After the Great Fire” from their first album. The crowd roared as the band left the stage and the night was off to a great start.


All Hail The Yeti are:

Connor Garritty – lead vocals
Nicholas Diltz – bass, backing vocals
Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz – drums
Dave Vanderlinde – guitars




Set List:

1.) Suicide Woods
2.) Headless Valley
3.) Slow Season
4.) Bury Your Memory
5.) Witch Is Dead
6.) Funeral Heart
7.) After the Great Fire




Continuing this night of metal was, Suicide Silence bringing their deathcore sound to the music hall. They started their set with, “You Only Live Once” from their 2011 album, The Black Crown. Now the crowd was really moving as the mosh pit opened up and the crowd surfing began. With almost 20 years of music, five albums and an EP behind them, Suicide Silence moved back and forth through time. Delighting their fans with songs like, “Unanswered” from their 2007 album, The Cleansing; “Love Me to Death” from the 2020 album, Become the Hunter. As the smoke continued to pour from the stage, the crowd surfers were coming over the top, two and three at a time having to bypass the pit as they came. The intensity of the music coming from the stage filled the venue and was absorb by their fans song after song. To add to the night, Suicide Silence presented a new unreleased song on their fans, “Dying Wish” and their fans responded with a roar. The band finished their night with, “No Pity for a Coward” from the album, Unanswered and as the band waved to the crowd as they left the stage, the crowd cheered with appreciation.


Suicide Silence are:

Chris Garza-rhyetm guitar
Mark Heylmun-lead guitar
Alex Lopez-drums
Dan Kenny-bass
Hernan “Eddie” Hermida-vocals




Set List:

1.) You Only Live Once
2.) Unanswered
3.) Disengage
4.) Slaves to Substance
5.) Fuck Everything
6.) Love Me to Death
7.) Wake Up
8.) M.A.L. @Tape
9.) Cease to Exist
10.) Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down
11.) Dying Wish [new unreleased song]
12.) No Pity for a Coward





After two great sets of music it was time for Jinjer. The band took to the smoke filled stage and started their set with, “Call Me a Symbol” from their new 2021 album, Wallflowers with a roar from the sold out venue crowd. But that roar got louder when Tatiana Shmailyuk made her way to the the front of the stage. With mic in hand, she poured out her powerful extreme vocals that filled the venue air. Again the crowd was moving and the crowd surfers continued to flow through out Jinjer’s music. Going back to the 2016 album, King Of Everything with the song, “I Speak Astronomy”, Tatiana’s clean vocals moved through the lyrics of the song. She would go back and forth with her vocals through the song. The ever changing lights would darken now and then with ultraviolet lights bringing out Tatiana’s glow in the dark makeup she had around her eyes and lips. This past August, Jinjer released their new video for their next song, “Wallflower” from the album of the same name. In this song, Tatiana transcends her vocals which adds to the power of lyrics. Jinjer finished their night with, “Vortex” again from their new album. Their fans let them know that it was an energy filled night of great music, which really was no surprise to me.

This night was still early in this tour, there’s plenty of shows left till December 12th which is their last show of the tour. A number of the shows are sold out. This is an excellent tour and one that shouldn’t be missed for metal fans.


Jinjer are:

Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – Guitar
Eugene Abdukhanov – Bass
Vladislav Ulasevich – Drums




Set List:

1.) Call Me a Symbol
2.) On the Top
3.) Pit of Consciousness
4.) I Speak Astronomy
5.) Disclosure!
6.) Judgement (& Punishment)
7.) Sleep of the Righteous
8.) Ape
9.) Retrospection
10.) Perennial
11.) Wallflower
12.) Teacher, Teacher
13.) As I Boil Ice
14.) Mediator
15.) Colossus
16.) Vortex







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