Jonah Kagen Shares “georgia” Acoustic Video








Following the release of his acclaimed debut EP, ‘georgia got colder,’ Jonah Kagen shares the acoustic video for “georgia.”

A nostalgic ode to his home state, “georgia” lends itself nicely to a stripped-back rendition. “I wanted to write a song that expressed this nostalgia in the form of a love song,” Jonah says. “It might seem like it’s about a past love, which it is in a way, but it’s really about where I grew up.

22-year-old Jonah Kagen grew up in Savannah, Georgia and took up guitar at the age of six, diving deep into the instrument’s technical aspects after his jazz musician grandfather showed him performance videos. He further found inspiration in the music of guitarist Andy McKee, whose finger-style technique lit a creative fire within. “He opened my eyes to what an acoustic guitar could be,” he recalls, as he dove deeper into creating music on his own. “If you can bring somebody something with your music that they can’t get anywhere else, there’s nothing better than that.”

While attending college, his sister encouraged him to post his music on social media and he garnered early success as a TikTok sensation with the release of his debut single “broken.” Already cutting impressive figures with over 100 million global streams, a tour supporting Maisie Peters, and now the release of his debut record on Arista Records, Jonah Kagen is undoubtedly an artist to watch. 


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