Kataklysm’s Maurizio Iacono Discusses New Album, His Record Label, Writing For Ex Deo, Touring 7/6/2023



Maurizio Iacono is the vocalist for Juno Award-winning hardcore death metal band Kataklysm. He is also the CEO of the boutique record label, Distortion Music Group, as well as the founder of Hard Impact Music, a management company that’s home for metal artists worldwide. On August 11, Maurizio and Kataklysm will release their fifteenth full-length record called Goliath on Nuclear Blast Records.

In this interview, Maurizio takes time to discuss Kataklysm’s new Goliath record in detail, what we can expect both musically and lyrically. He also takes us through the partnership he has with Nuclear Blast Records and his very own Distortion Music Group label. Maurizio even talks about his work with side project Ex Deo, and when we can expect to see him out on the road with Kataklysm.



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