Kenny Wayne Shepherd Was On Fire From Beginning to End at Hard Rock Live Orlando January 28, 2022



January 28, 2022 has been marked on the calendar for months as the date had changed a few times for The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band‘s return to The Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida. KWS last visited Orlando in 2018 in this very concert hall. The guitar virtuoso was welcomed with a near full house as the seats were filled throughout the Venue. Leading the night’s entertainment was Ally Venable and her band from Texas.

At 22 years old, Ally stood poised in front of the near packed house and showed the audience just why she deserved to share the stage with the best guitarist on the planet. Ally was awarded the 2014, 2015 ETX Music female guitar player of the year at age 14 and 15 respectively. A virtuoso in her own right, releasing her first EP in 2014.  Ally Venable is already a seasoned musician and can hold her own on any stage as she has already shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, Mike Zito, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Devon Allman. Ally and her band opened with the rhythm and soul cover of “Use Me” by the late Bill Withers and the party was started. She then played a few of her originals including two from her latest album “Heart of Fire” released in 2021. The height of her set was paying homage to fellow Texan, the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan, as she closed out her performance with “Lenny.”

Her set was abbreviated but highly entertaining as she played with attitude and grace. Ally Venable will carry the blues/rock torch long into the future!



Ally Venable– Guitar/Vocals

Braeden Stubbs – Bass

Isaac Pulido – Drums






1.)  Use Me  (Bill Withers cover)
2.)  Bring On the Pain (Ally Venable song)  
3.)  Comfort in My Sorrows 
4.)  Road to Nowhere  (Ally Venable song) 
5.)  Lenny  (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble cover)


Kenny Wayne Shepherd wasted no time at all with a warm up song or two as he hit the stage on fire and just blistered the opening instrumental “Trouble is” from the 1997 album of the same name. His fingers were a blur as the seven piece band kept up as they played along. Following the opening number, Noah Hunt took to the microphone singing with his smooth soulful voice to “Woman Like You.” The show never let up as the band showcased their talents as they all soloed during the song “Shame, Shame Shame.”  Kenny Wayne Shepherd is mostly categorized as just a blues artist but his rendition of Joe Walsh’s “Turn To Stone” was proof that his rock and roll chops are just as great. The show was outstanding and kept great energy from beginning to end. If Kenny Wayne Shepard had decided to play another 20 songs at the end, I am sure nobody would have left the venue.

The audience was just in awe as Kenny Wayne Shepherd used the entire stage to take his performance to unknown levels. That kind of ability cannot be taught, as it must come gifted from above. Kenny Wayne Shepherd has such a gift and it’s unparalleled. After the three song encore, which featured his first number one hit “Blue on Black”, my favorite Fleetwood Mac song “Oh Well”, and a fittingly ending with Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodo Child”, there left no doubt to who is currently the greatest guitar player on the planet!


On February 12, 2022 The Kenny Wayne Shepherd band will start their 25th anniversary tour of the release of Trouble Is at the Strand Theatre in Shreveport, Louisiana. The sit of the original release 25 years ago.



Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar/Vocals

Chris Layton – Drums

Noah Hunt – Vocals/Guitar

Kevin McCormick – Bass

Joe Krown – Keyboards

Mark “The Loveman” Pender – Trumpet

Joe Sublett – Saxophone





1.)  Trouble is…

2.)  Woman Like You

3.)  King’s Highway

4.)  True Lies

5.)  Heat of The Sun

6.)  Everything Is Broken

7.)  Somehow

8.)  Shame, Shame, Shame

9.)  Turn To Stone

10.)  King Bee


11.)  Blue On Black

12.)  Oh Well

13.)  Voodoo Child




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