‘Jaz Coleman Is A Captivating Frontman, Facial Expressions Similar To Alice Cooper’


Killing Joke are back, the Honour The Fire tour is their first UK tour since the Laugh At Your Peril 40th Anniversary Tour back in 2019, but thankfully this time they have a show in the 02 Academy Liverpool, a city they haven’t played for a long time, they played Eric’s a few times in 1980 and once at the Royal Court in 86 but haven’t passed through this city for a few years now.

Coming out, with Jaz wearing a dark blue boiler suit and straight into “Love Like Blood” from the 1985 album Night Time, a timeless song with a haunting intro, followed by one of there oldest tracks from the debute LP “Wardance”, what a pair of tracks to open a set with, an overwhelming bittersweet sense of 80s nostalgia.
Onwards through The “Fall of Because”, “I Am The Virus”, “The Pandys Are Coming”….etc

Lots of old punks and goths are out tonight, original Erics and Planet X faces together again, not so much an organised reunion, they just all happen to be in the same place tonight to catch once again the post punk band originally formed in 1978. Its good to see though the crowd is not just older fans in there 40s and 50s but younger followers too are out tonight to see a band whose music transcends many genres, punk, new wave, industrial, Goth…etc Killing Joke are almost a genre on their own, few bands can draw such a diverse audience as we see tonight and there is good reason for it.

Around 700 are in tonight, tickets weren’t too cheap on the weekend everyone is stressing about the increase in energy bills but with a set around one hour 45 minutes long everyone is going to get their moneys worth.

Killing Joke have recently released their first new material in over seven years, “The Lord Of Chaos” EP which included two new songs and two re-worked songs from their last album, Pylon, released in 2015, they played the title track deep into the set

Jaz Coleman is a captivating frontman, facial expressions similar to Alice Cooper, gliding around the stage like a robot, his stage presence is like a well used machine. With very little chat tonight from the band, infact none from Jaz but late into the set Youth points out that Liverpool has always been good to them, they can still remember playing in Erics with Bauhaus and meeting Bill Drummond and Julian Cope for the first time.



Jaz Coleman – Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Keyboards 

Paul Ferguson – Drums, Backing Vocals 

Geordie Walker – Guitars 

Youth – Bass, Keyboards



Touring with the original June 1979 line up of frontman Jaz Coleman, Paul Ferguson on drums, guitarist Geordie Walker and Youth on bass, with the youngest member being 61 there is a lot of years of experience with these guys, 247 in total and the experience shows, they played a long set, few bands can hold a crowd for that long and leave them wanting even more.

After four decades Killing Joke have stood the test of time, apocalyptic live shows and on record, ending the set with “Pandemonium” I left with the lyrics stuck in my head

I can see tomorrow
I can see the world to come
I can see tomorrow
Hear the pandemonium

Wise words to end with, they have been predicting the Future since 1978, heres to many more years of Killing Joke




1.)  Love Like Blood

2.)  Wardance

3.)  The Fall of Because

4.)  I Am The Virus

5.)  The Pandys Are Coming

6.)  We Have Joy

7.)  Money Is Not Our God

8.)  This World Hell

9.)  Primitive

10.)  Turn to Red

11.)  Lord of Chaos

12.)  Mathematics of Chaos

13.)  The Death and Resurrection Show

14.)  Total Invasion

15.)  Loose Cannon

16.)  The Wait

17.)  Pssyche


18.)  Requiem

19.)  Pandemonium