Koe Wetzel’s Road to Hell Paso Tour Stops at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas June 10, 2023



A thirty-minute lighting/rain delay did not keep the biggest Koe Wetzel fans from partying and enjoying an electrifying Koe Wetzel show Saturday, June 10th at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas.

Koe Wetzel is one of the most popular artists to come out of Texas in the last few years. His don’t give a shit attitude with lyrics that help you get through the worst breakup; he’s an artist that deserves all the popularity and sold-out shows. 

Parker Ryan and his band opened the show to an already rowdy crowd. The venue was full of concertgoers for their set. Parker Ryan showed off his guitar skills in between playing “Dad,” “Stop Calling His Phone,” and his latest release, “The Train Song.” Parker and his bandmates were fun to photograph as they moved across the stage and really were emotive while playing. Overall an excellent opener for both Koe Wetzel and The Huser Brothers.


Parker Ryan Band:

Parker Ryan – Leadsinger + guitar 

Kyle Garrison – Drums

Adrian – Bassist



The Huser Brothers band came on next as the storm started getting closer t the pavilion. Hailing from Waco, Texas, their rock and country sound fit well with the concert aesthetic. These guys have been gaining popularity since they first busted onto the scene in 2018. They had great energy, and their music was quite catchy.

The Huser Brothers are touring, supporting a new single that will be released June 23rd called “Let You Go.” The highlight of their set was a rendition of Garth Brook’s “Friends in Low Places.” It was a perfect sing-along song with the crowd’s countless recorded Snap Chat videos.


Huser Brothers Bandmembers:

Josh Huser – Lead Singer and Guitarist

Zach Huser – Drums

Christian Barrientos – Bass

Abel Barrientos – Keys 




As the Huser Brothers finished their set, the weather cooled by about 20 degrees, and the wind was howling. It was almost time for Koe to take the stage, but mother nature had other plans as lightning and rain came to push back the start time. Luckily Koe fans can entertain and make the time pass with countless “We Want Koe” chants, climbing shirtless up the pavilion structure, and of course, a random “FJB” chant. After about 30 minutes, it was Koe time. The storm moved on, and the crowd was ramped up and ready for a good show.

As soon as the lights turned off and the walkout song started, the pavilion crowd immediately screamed and yelled in anticipation for the show to start. The band began with one of my top five Koe Wetzel songs, “Kuntry & Wistern,” a catchy tune full of hatred for a crappy ex. They used to close the show with this song; I’m glad they switched it to the first song, as it sets the tone for a fantastic show. They then played a newer song off his current record, “April Showers,” followed by “Something To Talk About,” a song about people that “like to run their f**king mouth,” according to Wetzel. After the first three songs, my photo gig was up, and I returned to my seat for the rest of the show. The concert was fantastic. They have the perfect setlist of songs from the past four released records.

You are missing out if you’ve never been to a Koe Wetzel show. The songs and stage presence are top-tier, but the commentary from Koe between songs is my favorite. He will tell the most random stories that you think are fake, but they are true. He will advise you to do coke in the bathroom away from the kids and cops. He will talk about writing songs about a trashy bitch in East Texas. He will talk recount hooking up in the bathroom of a Texas Roadhouse.  His adventures with hookers in Mexico that inspired the song “Cabo.” He’s an entertainer, and you get your money’s worth with both stories and music. 

Wetzel and his band continued to play crowd pleasers such as “Cold and Alone,” “Fuss and Fight,” Drunk Driving,” “Ragweed,” “Forever,” “Creeps,” “Sundy or Mundy” and “Wasted.” I wish he played “Sancho” and “FGA,” but they were cut from the setlist due to the storm. Next time!

Before they ended the set, they played a cover of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” and David Allen Coe’s “You Never Call Me By My Name,” proving he can do both country and alternative music. The band is ridiculously talented. Wetzel has the best musicians traveling to support him. It’s no wonder they sells= out pretty much every venue they tour. 

The last song of his set is a crowd favorite, “February 28th, 2016,” about a drunken night that resulted in him going to jail. If you google Koe Wetzel, his mug shot from that night will pop up pretty quickly. One of the song’s first lines is, “If he asks me to blow, I’m gonna tell his punk ass to take me to jail.” All he wants at the end of the night is to play critter critter and someone to take him to Taco Bell.

And just like that, the show was over. His set goes by quickly, with the crowd singing EVERY SINGLE WORD.  Every show I go to becomes my favorite. The Woodlands show was no different. I had the best time photographing my favorite artists, singing along to every song, hanging with new and old friends, and supporting Texas music. Cheers.


Koe Wetzel Bandmembers:

Koe Wetzel – Lead Singer + guitar

Shyloh Powers – Guitar

Odis Parrish – Guitar

Josh Serrato – Guitar + keys

Mason Morris– Bass

Jared Easterling – Drums




Koe Wetzel Setlist:

1.) Kuntry & Wistern

2.) April Showers

3.) Something To Talk About

4.) Cold & Alone

5.) Sundy or Mundy

6.) Money Spent

7.) I’m Done

8.) YellaBush Road

9.) Fuss and Fight

10.) Forever

11.) Creeps

12.) Good Die Young

13.) Ragweed

14.) My Own Worst Enemy (Lit Cover)

15.) You Never Call Me By My Name (David Allen Coe cover)

16.) Drunk Driving

17.) Wasted

18.) Cabo

19.) February 28, 2016







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