Kula Shaker, Brit Pop’s , Eternal Indian Summer At the Camp and Furnace, Liverpool. 21st January 2023




Hot off the heels of their latest critically acclaimed album “First Congregational Church Of Eternal Love (And Free Hugs)’ released in June 2022 psychedelic Brit Pop band led by charismatic front man Crispian Mills, son of actress Hayley Mills hit Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace as part of their U.K. tour.

Kula Shaker are an English psychedelic rock band. The band came to prominence during the Post-Britpop era of the late 1990s. The band enjoyed commercial success in the UK between 1996 and 1999, notching up a number of Top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart, including “Tattva”, “Hey Dude”, “Govinda”, “Hush”, and “Sound of Drums”. With their influence and use of traditional Indian music and mixed with guitar heavy western rock the sound was and still is refreshing and somewhat mystical. These guys sat nicely between The Stone Roses and Oasis in the late 90s. Kula Shaker though were a little different with their raw talent and Indian influences.

“All Music’s” Warren Millar headed off to see how much they have grown since the 90’s

It’s a freezing cold night tonight as we make our way to The Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool and tonight’s venue Camp and Furnace a collection of flexible warehouse and studio spaces in the heart of this creative area of Liverpool. It was a lovely surprise once we got into the venue that for such a big open space it was pleasantly warmer than the freezing conditions outside. We hoped that things would really hot up later in the night.

First up though we are entertained by “Blue Violet” Sam and Sarah Gotley husband and wife duo who are boosted in numbers to a 5 piece band with additions of drummer, keyboards and bass. Blending of folk, indie rock and Americana, their set is a delight to listen to and Sarah’s rock style voice blends perfectly with Sam’s rock/indie guitar riffs and solos. They both look and sound the part and we can see why Kula Shaker have them on tour with them. It’s was nice to see quite a large crown in for them to which Sarah eluded to at the end of their set.



After a quick stage reset, which included some nicely placed lit incense sticks it was now time for psychedelic rock pioneers Kula Shaker to take to the Camp and Furnace stage. With the house lights dimmed a cool Indian mantra’s blasting out on the PA onto the stage they came. Crispian looks cool in his black gold trimmed Sherwani Jacket and ornate peacock design Fender Strat guitar. It’s straight into the intro of “Hey Dude” a sure fire hit with the crowd as an opener and sets the feeling for the night to come.

Crispian is everything you expect from an iconic front man, cool, talented and moves all over the stage, he really does feel the music and energy the band create. We are all treated to a great night full of old classics and new material from the band’s latest album “First”

“Congregational Church Of Eternal Love (And Free Hugs)” which I urge anyone who is or was a Kula fan to listen to, it’s different but got those cool Kula Shaker vibes going on.

Highlights of the set for us tonight would have to be “Hey Dude”, “What Ever It Is (I’m Against It)” and of course the classics “Tattva” and the encore of “Govinda”

Well that was a great start to the New Year at the Baltic triangle, Baltic being the right word for the temperature outside tonight. But Kula Shaker really did make it much warmer tonight and as we walk back to our car we don’t feel the minus 2 degrees at all . We feel the warmth of an Indian summer together with the rich sonic sound of the mighty Kula Shaker.




1/ Hey Dude

2/ Sound of Drums

3/ Whatever It Is (I’m Against It)

4/ Gaslight

5/ Grateful When You’re Dead / Jerry Was There

6/ Temple of Everlasting Light

7/ Knight on the Town

8/ 303

9/ Gimme Some Truth

(John Lennon cover)

10/ Tattva

11/ Hush

(Joe South cover)


12/ Govinda