Kurt Deimer Releases New Single “Doom” on August 11, 2023; Announces Tour Dates with Skid Row and Buckcherry!






Kurt Deimer released his brand new single “Doom” to all major platforms along with the official music video on August 11, 2023. Kurt has also announced that he will be heading out on select tour dates with Skid Row and Buckcherry.

“’Doom’ is a song I wrote for my movie coming soon called Hellbilly Hollow. It’s a feature film and part of a franchise that I created a couple years ago. ‘Doom’ will be featured as a big single from the movie and soundtrack and I thought it was very appropriate to write ‘Doom’ for the movie because it exposes the dark side of the horror, and the dark side of heroin addiction, and the problem that it has become in our society. Heroin is just one of the many drug issues we face. By incorporating its dark connotations and themes of what addiction like that can bring and capture the description of that with words and other visual aspects that you might see in a horror film, I felt was very compelling. Blending the darkness of addiction and the darkness of horror, into one song I feel makes it powerful and explosive. I want to touch people in many ways not only in the vehicle of horror movies as a lead track, but also expose people to think about what we can do to help those or help with the issue of heroin addiction. That my friends is ‘Doom,”’ says Kurt Deimer.



In a world that seems to be spiraling out of control, Kurt Deimer is a man with a very clear mission: Work Hard, Rock Hard, Play hard and Spread positivity. In fact, his mantra could be summed up: “Take the high road, do the right thing, encourage others.” It sounds like a tall order these days in a world full of warring factions. And it’s an unusual mission for a singer/songwriter vocalist whose music could be described as hard rock, even heavy metal – genres that are not always synonymous with positivity.

Deimer, for his part, describes his work as good old fashioned rock and roll. “And it’s as good a vehicle as any for spreading good vibes” he says. “I’m here to encourage others to treat people with respect, dignity and kindness,” he says. “I’ve been through a lot of things in my life and I try to share that with others and be a beacon of hope for my listeners.”

That positivity and perseverance has paid off for the native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s not only launched a movie franchise, Hellbilly Hollow, by filming and starring in a feature length horror film of the same name. He’s also recorded more than two dozen songs with legendary producer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, James Brown and the Rolling Stones), his management team includes Brian Wheat, manager of TESLA who discovered him while opening for TESLA.

Chris Lord-Alge says he was drawn to Kurt’s originality as an artist. “I saw something completely different in Kurt, and that was the lure for me. He isn’t a typical rock or country artist – I love hearing him talk and narrating a story, and I was drawn to taking those stories and helping turn them into music. He’s a personality, he’s someone you want to talk to.”

Things have not always been positive in Deimer’s world. At age 20, as a young rock vocalist, he found himself in the grips of drug addiction. He later discovered he was using substances to medicate an underlying anxiety condition. At that young age, he quit drugs, got help for his anxiety and never looked back.

He eventually started buying and selling rental properties and used that money to start the first of several successful companies he owns. Despite making his mark in the business world, Deimer didn’t feel ready to settle down and “join the country club and play golf all day” – so at an age when most people start thinking about slowing down, he started to speed up.

Inspired by the artists that helped shape him – Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Marley and AC/DC, to name just a few – he started writing song lyrics.

Inspired by his love of movies and acting roles in films including the 2018 ‘Halloween’ remake – where his character was killed by Michael Myers – and John Travolta’s ‘Trading Paint,’ he started hashing out a movie concept that became his eventual Hellbilly Hollow feature film and franchise.

Deimer has supported Geoff Tate on an expansive cross-country tour that highlighted material from his debut EP, that came out on November 19, 2021, which includes a duet with Tate and a trilogy of music videos directed by Scottish filmmaker Paul Boyd [Sting, Deadmau5, The Cult] that spotlight Deimer’s cinematic vision and charismatic presence. Along with many other supporting shows including TESLA, Drowning Pool and Yngwie Malmsteen all this within the first two years of touring.

For Deimer, the inspiration is to make the world a better place one song at a time, singing about the ills of the 21st century and offering solutions instead of excuses. “When people listen to my music, I want to help them decompress and feel better after a brutal day. That’s what music always did for me, and that’s what we need more of today.”




Kurt Deimer Tour Dates with Skid Row and Buckcherry:

August 31 – Dallas, TX ( House Of Blues Dallas)

September 2 – San Antonio, TX (Aztec Theatre)

September 6 – Huber Heights, OH (Rose Music Center at the Heights

September 12 – Portland, ME (State Theatre)

September 13 – Glenside, PA (Keswick Theatre)

September 16 – Cleveland, OH (MGM Northfield Park)

September 19 – East Moline, IL (The Rust Belt)

September 22 – Welch, MN (Treasure Island Resort & Casino)


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