Lapsley, Soulful at Band On The Wall, Manchester UK, 18th March 2023






Billy Seagrave headed back to Band on the Wall, for Lapsley’s eagerly awaited live return. which heralds just how far Holly has come these past few years. Previewing her third album “Cautionary Tales of Youth”, the project not only showcases an incredibly nuanced mix of sounds, from Afrobeats and Latin to electronica and R&B.

Opening the show tonight is, London-born artist Joe Winter who channels a diversity of influences to produce music adhering to no genre in particular. The creative process passes beyond the music itself, into film, which they self-direct to deepen and clarify the music’s meaning, for both them and the listeners.  I must confess, I knew nothing of Winter before tonight, entering the stage, with very little lighting, cutting a lonely figure, after introducing himself, and thanking Lapsley for the opportunity, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and power of his voice, singing along to a backing track, that had multiple layers, I found it cathartic, uplifting, even at times spiritual. I especially loved “Brother”, and “Laughing for the west”, finishing with a Beyonce cover of “Halo”, which did bring the crowd on side. Winter has once again reaffirmed my belief in getting to a venue for the support act, on this occasion, I have been given a little gem, one to keep an eye out for.



Holly Lapsley Fletcher known by the stage name Låpsley, is an English singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Her debut album “Long Way Home” was released on 4 March 2016.

Lapsley is showcasing her third album, “Cautionary tales of youth”. that dropped earlier this year, it’s a chance to join the journey, since her second album, “Through Water”, was released three years ago.

Taking to the stage, in a full-length candy pink flowing dress, with just a single spotlight, and a Bass for company, a very beautiful and poignant “Say I’m What You Want”, is the perfect way to catch an audience’s attention. True to its title Lapsley’s third album details a Nuanced emotional experience from her mid-twenties. “Hotel Corridors” shares the intimidating sensation of having too many pathways to choose from in life. Lapsley sings with tender vulnerability over an understated electronic backdrop. Despite her increasingly subtle vocal work, Lapsley can still capture relatable feelings with undisguised directness. Celebrating the heady benefits of romance, she sings in “Paradise”. “I Don’t Need To Think Twice? OH, this love is paradise. This was a wonderful performance, a touch of magic from an artist that is as soulful as she is musically engaging.




1/ Say I’m What You Need

(Bass & Vocals)

2/ 32 Floors

3/ Paradise

4/ Smoke and Fire

5/ My Love Was Like the Rain

6/ Falling Short

7/ Painter

8/ Station

9/ Close To Heaven

10/ Nightingale

11/ Womxn

12/ Dial Two Seven

13/ Lifeline

14/ Say I’m What You Need

(Full Band)


15/ Hotel Corridors

16/ Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)