Little Caesar’s Ron Young Discusses His Autobiography, Fronting The Chili Peppers, And Being Happy 3/3/2023



Ron Young has been the singer for Little Caesar for more than 35 years. He has also fronted bands like Manic Eden with Adrian Vandenberg, and a revitalized version of The Cruzados. It was 1990, and Little Caesar was poised to conquer the world with a major label debut on David Geffen’s DGC label, Jimmy Iovine as a manager, John Kalodner as their A&R guy, and legendary producer Bob Rock to produce their first record. What could possibly go wrong??!! Ron has written about his life and his experiences in the music business, and tells us how things went from bad to worse in his new book, Judge This Book By Its Cover, out now from JRNYman Publishing.

In this interview, Ron tells us a few stories from the book, like the time he was the singer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and explains how an ideal situation can implode right in front of your eyes. He tells us about the most difficult part of writing the book, his view on the current state of music, and what being happy looks like for him. We even talk about how he made Arnold Schwarzenegger wince in pain. Settle in and enjoy this great conversation as Ron generously gave us an hour of his time sharing deep thoughts and interesting stories of rock and roll.


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