LIV KRISTINE (Ex-Leaves Eyes, Theatre Of Tragedy) Discusses Re-Release Of Solo Debut Deus Ex Machina February 13, 2024



Liv Kristine is often called the Queen Of Scandinavian Gothic Metal, a title she earned while fronting the bands Theatre Of Tragedy and Leaves Eyes. But, when Liv released her first solo album in 1998, we got to hear another side of her wonderful voice when she stepped into a new genre of music. That classic debut solo album, Deus Ex Machina, is getting the royal treatment it so deserves with a package containing all kinds of unreleased bonus material, and a chance for fans to own the recording on vinyl for the first time ever. The 2CD package, the vinyl, and the digital all get released March 1st, 2024.

In this interview, Liv discusses the spirit of the album, and what extra charms are included with this re-release. She also talks about the involvement of Gunther Illi, the beginnings of another solo record, and a book of poetry that is set to be released in the future.

Liv Kristine is one of my favorite people in the world. Be ready to feel a positive energy fill your heart as you watch this interview. Liv brings love and light into our world through her music, through her teaching of special needs children, and through her loving soul. It is always an honor to speak with this supremely talented and wonderful lady.



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