Love Music Live Warrington presents Miles Hunt from the Wonder Stuff at Warrington Irish Club, Sunday, 20th November 2022







Tonight is something different. It’s an acoustic gig at the Irish Club in Warrington. It’s become a regular feature here at the Irish Club. Starting this year we’ve seen a selection of these stripped back and pure performances. You really get that up close and intimate feel. It’s an all seated event, and such a welcoming venue; seating is laid out in rows like at a theatre. Tonight’s headline is special – Miles Hunt, front man of indie folk band, the Wonder Stuff; with his own impressive solo back catalogue, we’re to hear performances of his work and some Wonder Stuff hits. This event sold out so fast and demand was so high that a matinee set was added to the bill, also selling out, so tonight is the second performance from Miles. Support ain’t too shabby either; it comes in the form of the very talented Padraig Jack, so one stellar line up all round tonight.


There’s a great welcome from tonight’s audience as Padraig arrives on stage before us. After politely and genuinely thanking us for our applause he launches into the first song and a hush befalls our venue. It’s pure joy for the ears – very lilting, melodic sounds, soothing and gentle; indie/folk with a distinct Irish or Gaelic charm to it. Strumming his guitar, his performance conveys emotion and it’s done with real feeling. The vocal is mellow, smooth and warming, rich with the most delightful tone. There’s a gravel and a real raspiness that is wonderful to listen to. As a crowd, we’re enthralled, completely captivated by this performance. It’s like we can feel what he sings about…sometimes haunting, sometimes moving but an overall feeling of calmness and an almost therapeutic feel.

Between songs Padraig is very interactive; he chats about his home off the west coast of Ireland and describes life on a tiny island, discusses themes and is very likeable. He’s charmed us all and certainly has that ‘gift of the gab.’ It’s a very atmospheric set, though acoustic, it’s a really intense sound; the guitar playing is accomplished and conducted with passion, it’s just pure bliss to listen to. It has a wholesome and inclusive feeling, like a small gathering around a pub fire, everyone swaying and singing along. During the upbeat and faster paced material the vocal is powerful, steady and loud, reaching out to us, wrapping us totally in this illuminating sound. It’s food for the soul, it’s nourishing and it feels very honest and down to earth. Notes held for extended periods honestly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, no more so than during a verse from traditional Irish folk song ‘Ámhrán Mhuínse’. Throughout the set he’s encouraged clapping, screams from the ladies and divided the audience in half to participate in singing different sections. It’s been fun and enjoyable as well as mesmerising.

What an exceptional talent and stunning set. I for one could listen to this all night, and from the response from tonight’s crowd it’s obvious we all feel the same. I feel it’s been a privilege to experience this set tonight. Thank you so much, Padraig Jack.


1/ Minnie

2/ Making sand

3/ Street bed ridden

4/ Black drapes

5/ Ámhrán Mhuínse’ (one verse) leading into Can’t find my way home




For our headline now, and as Miles Hunt casually sets up on stage the audience reaction goes through the roof. After friendly banter and an introduction it’s straight into the set, and as he begins to play, just wow, the sound hits us…Miles Hunt has arrived! It’s very impactful, guitar strumming, acoustic brilliance, then that ever so familiar famous vocal rings out. Instantly the crowd are singing along. Milo, as he refers to himself, is positively beaming from ear to ear, he genuinely looks so pleased to be here tonight. As I look around I see huge smiles on all faces, his cheery disposition is truly infectious. He’s charmed us musically and we can’t wait to hear more. For me, the feels are nostalgia driven; with this vocal I’m just taken back and so many memories are stirring. To be here tonight, standing feet away whilst he performs these treasured songs live and in their purest form really is something I’ll treasure!

After asking all the ladies to scream and inviting us to sing along to choruses, it’s another sing along, high vibrational and interactive set. Again this all just feels so uplifting; it’s happy making stuff, and as a performer Milo really does radiate enthusiasm and joy. In depth explanations of song themes and background, anecdotes and stories from his past, encounters on Top of the Pops and other memories are told between songs. He’s very jovial and certainly not afraid to poke fun at himself. We really are getting an inclusive package tonight, and it’s brilliant. The vocal is quite something, it speaks (or sings) for itself. The force and clarity is incredible. The performance is lively and energetic and full of passion. It really is such a fun and exuberant set …Milo’s tour photographer is singing and bopping away as she snaps shots of him…I think that demonstrates his power of creating joy. Quite honestly he has us eating out of the palm of his hand.

It’s a fast paced and upbeat set and it’s going down super well! It’s buzzing in here; the atmosphere is alive as we readily feed from these musical vibrations. The musicality or guitarmanship is excellent, very tight, powerful, strong and truly fascinating to watch as well as amazing to listen to. Lyrics are observational, witty and meaningful. The sounds are indie/folk, indie/rock but again there’s a ‘knees-up at the pub’, sing-along feel, which is special to be a part of. The vocal has a fullness, a depth. Although not deep in tone, it’s clear and expressive and does have a raspiness, a throatiness, high notes reached when necessary and extended notes are executed with ease. It’s so good to be here amongst these sounds. It takes us out of ourselves and musically transports us somewhere else within the setting of these songs. That’s what Milo does so well, he captures the essence, the entire feel of his subject matter.

A very full set list is performed, then afterwards Miles is very gracious and meets fans and chats. It’s honestly been stand out tonight, a gig I’ll never forget, and what a grounded and friendly guy he is too! Completely inspirational and deserved the all but standing ovation he got at the end! Brilliant event, amazing talent and a complete legend. One of my favourite gigs, and I assure you there have been many!




(The set list that follows is the official set list from Miles Hunt’s tour, although not all songs listed are performed at all dates)

1/ Unbearable

2/ A Wish away

3/ Ruby Horse

4/ Things can change

5/ And she gives

6/ Circlesquare

7/ Caught in my shadow

8/ Size of a Cow

9/ Cheap Seats

10/ Sing the absurd

11/ Can’t shape up

12/ I used to want it all

13/ In my sights

14/ Feet to the flames

15/ Don’t anyone dare give a damn

16/ Fixer

17/ Maybe

18/ Room 512, All the News that’s fit to print

19/ We hold each other up

20/ On the ropes

21/ Don’t let me down, Gently

22/ Piece of Sky

23/ Give Give Give me more more more

24/ It’s Yer Money

25/ Golden Green

26/ Here comes everyone

27/ When the currency was youth

28/ Cartoon boyfriend

29/ Ten trenches deep

30/ The guy with the gift