Lynch Mob Brings The Final Ride Tour to The Venue Event Center In Cadillac Michigan on June 6, 2024




Cadillac, Michigan, rocked out early this weekend as George Lynch set the stage ablaze at The Venue Event Center as Lynch Mob’s The Final Ride Tour came to town on Thursday, June 6, 2024.  The Venue Event Center is Northern Michigan’s latest gem for live music enthusiasts.  This intimate venue offers an awesome concert-going experience. With two fully stocked bars and delicious food options on sight, The Venue is a fantastic new locale for concerts, filling a vital gap in the local music landscape and giving fans a prime spot to catch top-tier acts. 

 Kicking the party into gear was Northern Michigan’s 2nd Hand. It’s always heartwarming to see friends warm up the stage for the legendary bands that have shaped our musical tastes. 2nd Hand features some of Northern Michigan’s most talented and experienced musicians from Grayling, Houghton Lake, Bay City, and Manton, Michigan. Michelle Nellet commanded the stage with her powerhouse vocals, while Jeff Hoyt laid down solid bass grooves and traded off vocals with Michelle. Chris Hoyt and Mike Doremire handle the guitar work, and Jason Lyon from Manton keeps the rhythm tight on the drums.  Their incredible set included hits from Heart, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner, Journey, and Tool,  effectively warming up the crowd for Lynch Mob.  



Michelle Nellet / Vocals

Jeff Hoyt / Bass, vocals

Chris Hoyt / Guitar

Mike Doremire / Guitar

Jason Lyon / Drums



George Lynch’s musical journey began with Xciter in the 70s, but it was his time with Dokken in the 80s that cemented his reputation as a guitar hero.  Known for his exceptional guitar skills, Lynch helped shape the sound of Dokken before parting ways with the band and forming Lynch Mob in the 90s.  

Lynch Mob hit the stage ready to rock, kicking it off with Dokken’s “Lightnin’ Strikes Again” from the 1985 album Under Lock and Key, which instantly had Dokken die-hards energized.  Then, diving into the Lynch Mob fan favorite “River Of Love” from their 1990 debut album Wicked Sensation.  Every guitar enthusiast stood in awe with eyes locked on George’s mad guitar skills.  The setlist was an exhilarating mix of Dokken classics and Lynch Mob favorites, including the latest offering “Caught Up” from their 2023 album Babylon.  

 Gabriel Colon, the charismatic Puerto Rican frontman, captivated the audience, owning the stage and delivering amazing renditions of Dokken classics. His vocal abilities were simply astonishing, leaving us in awe. Jimmy D’Anda, the original BulletBoys drummer, was a madman behind the kit, adding explosive energy to the performance. Jaron Gulino, known for his work with Heaven’s Edge and Tantric, brought an infectious enthusiasm, providing a robust and dynamic rhythm section that perfectly supported George Lynch’s legendary guitar prowess. Together, they tore up the stage, delivering an absolutely amazing show that was both electrifying and unforgettable.  

Midway through the set, they played a song that we didn’t recognize but was absolutely rockin’ and had everyone moving.  After they finished, Gabriel revealed, “We just wrote that song, like right now on the spot.”  George then chimed in with the title, “Land of the Forgotten Boat People.”  We all erupted in cheers and laughter, making it a memorable moment that showcased their spontaneity and chemistry.  

Over Lynch Mob’s 35-year history, Lynch Mob has seen numerous lineup changes with an impressive roster of some of rock’s most talented musicians. However, this current lineup stands out as a powerful force, poised to close this chapter of the legacy with incredible energy and talent.  I’m here to tell you, that you do not want to miss this Final Ride!



George Lynch / Lead guitar

Gabriel Colon / Lead vocals

Jaron Gulino / Bass

Jimmy D’Anda / Drums




 1.  Lightnin’ Strikes Again (Dokken)

2.  River Of Love

3.  No Good

4.  When Heaven Comes Down (Dokken)

5.  Dance Of The Dogs

6.  Sweet Sister Mercy

7.  Paris Is Burning (Xciter/Dokken)

8.  Caught Up

9.  Street Fightin’ Man

10.  (Song was made up on the spot.  George called it “Land of the Forgotten Boat People.”)

11.  For A Million Years

12.  Rain

13.  Mr. Scary (Dokken)

14.  It’s Not Love (Dokken)

15. Wicked Sensation