Marc Ferrari (Keel, Cold Sweat) Talks New Cold Sweat, Keel, Producing Pantera, Cars, Trekking, and More May 16, 2024



Most of you probably know Marc Ferrari as a lead guitarist and songwriter for the band Keel, but over the course of his career, Marc has donned many hats. He is an entrepreneur, an author, a producer, a car collector, and a mountain climber (of sorts). One of his short-lived but exciting band projects came at the beginning of the 90’s with a band called Cold Sweat. Timing wasn’t right and the band was lost to the grunge movement. But, Marc and the rest of Cold Sweat have given the band a pulse once again with a brand new record called Unburied Alive, which happens to be on Ron Keel’s RFK Media label.

In this interview, Marc discusses the four new songs from the Cold Sweat vault that appear on the new record, Unburied Alive. He also discusses Cold Sweat’s recent concert appearance at the M3 festival, and what the band has planned for the future. Marc also tells us about the MasterSource company he had, his time producing and playing with early Pantera, his trekking experience to Mount Everest Base Camp, cars he has collected, and anything else that might be on his to-do list for the future!



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