The vocalist of the North American band Slaughter and ex-vocalist of Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Mark Slaughter, arrived in Lima last Wednesday to participate in the Glam Rock Party. Thanks to Paolo Arroyo, local producer of the event, All Music Magazine had access to this night of good hard rock. For this photographer it was a night to remember because Slaughter is a band I have enjoyed since the release of their great debut album Stick It To Ya in 1990.

The night began with local musicians performing classic songs by bands like Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Warrant and others and managed to create the right environment for what would come next. I arrived at Sargento Pimienta Rock Bar when the band was playing Bon Jovi’s “Born To Be My Baby” and was able to go backstage and say hello to Mark. We remember his first visit to Lima and how this time the circumstances were complicated since on Wednesday morning the Peruvian president committed a coup and ordered a curfew starting at 10:00pm. Fortunately, by the afternoon we already had a new president and the previous one was already in prison. The curfew was canceled and thanks to that we were able to have the concert. Mark was surprised to learn that in less than 5 years we have had 6 presidents. “It´s Crazy!” he said smiling.

At 10:30 pm, Mark Slaughter took the stage accompanied by renowned Peruvian musicians and was warmly received by his fans who filled the venue located in the . The concert began with “Mad About You” followed by “Burning Bridges” and “Spend My Life”, hit songs from his debut album certified triple platinum in the North American market and which made the audience sing the songs out loud as if English was our original language.

The first surprise of the night would come with the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” that showed that despite the years, Mark retains his distinctive voice in good shape. Then there would be some songs from Slaughter’s second album called The Wild Life like “Days Gone By” and “Real Love”. The second surprise of the night was the interpretation of “Forevermore”, the song from Mark’s second solo album called Halfway There and which had never been performed live. The song was very well received by the public while Mark highlighted the participation of the Peruvian musicians who accompanied him that night.

The end of the concert would come with the renowned “Fly To The Angels” and “Up All Night” that ended with the public shouting Mark’s name while he thanked and threw guitar picks. This first Glam Metal Party was very fun and we hope that there will be a second edition and hopefully in the future the complete band can come, that was the wish that I expressed to Mark who told me that he would be delighted to return to our country because he feels that the fans are very affectionate and he is always well received.



Mark Slaughter: Vocals, Guitar.

Ricardo Zarate: Bass

Hans Menacho: Drums

Victor Hugo Glenny: Guitar





1. Mad About You

2. Burning Bridges

3. Spend My Life

4. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin Cover)

5. Eye To Eye

6. Desperately

7. The Wild Life

8. Days Gone By

9. Forevermore

10. Real Love

11. Fly To The Angels

12. Up All Night






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