Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA) Talks Working With His Sons & The Upcoming GO AHEAD AND DIE Tour January 17, 2024



Thrash metal legend Max Cavalera was the vocalist, guitarist, and founding member of Sepultura, one of the most influential and successful metal bands of all time. And after leaving Sepultura in 1996, Max started another legendary and influential metal band called Soulfly. Max has also been a part of many other projects throughout his career, and one of his most recent is a band called Go Ahead And Die. Go Ahead And Die is the brainchild of Max’s youngest son, Igor Amadeus Cavalera.

In this interview, Max talks about the upcoming U.S. tour with Go Ahead And Die, and what it will be like to watch his son take center stage. He also talks about the writing and production of the band’s latest record, Unhealthy Mechanisms. He talks about what might be coming up for Soulfly and Killer Be Killed, and he answers the question of whether he’s ever listened to Sepultura music that was made after he left the band.




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