Michael Franti and Spearhead – Good Day For A Good Day Tour – San Diego, California 9-20-2021


Want to feel better about life? Go see a Michael Franti and Spearhead show. The feel good positivity and uplifting spirit comes across in every song, and may just be the most infectious happy music out there. From jumping around the stage with boundless energy, to performing out in the audience multiple times over the 23 song set list, to sharing the vocal duties with kids and audience members, the show was a true sing-a-long happy group experience. When you take that positive energy and uplifting energy and put it smack dab in the middle of San Diego’s Shelter Island at Humphreys Concerts By The Bay, you have the makings of a very special night.

This was the last night of the current tour, which meant special appearances by the crew on stage singing along with the band and audience. It really felt like a celebration of life, music, and being surrounded by friends and family. A great mix of old and new songs including the catchy “Good Shit Happens”, which might be my new favorite tune. There were stories told of personal loss to Covid-19 and how the world might seem like a darker place right now, but any feeling of being down or overwhelmed by all that liufe has been putting us through were soon replaced by feelings that we can make it all better, we can make it a better place, and life really is better with people around you.




Michael Franti – Vocals
Carl Young – Bass
J Bowman – Guitar
Mike Blankenship – Keyboard
Manas Itiene – Drums





1.) This Is How We Living
2.)  I’m Alive
3.)  SOS
4.) All My Friends
5.)  Work Hard And Be Nice
6.)  Stay Human
7.) EDM
8.)  Yell Fire
9.)  Messed Up World
10.)  Life Is Amazing
11.)  People Need People
12.)  Good Shit Happens
13.)  Lay It All Down
14.)  Sun And Moon
15.)  I Got You
16.)  Good Day For A Good Day
17.) I’m On Your Side
18.)  How Life Reminds Us
19.) Life Is Better With You
20.) Just To Say I Love You
21.) Keep The Lights On
22.) Say Hey I Love You 
23.) My Lord
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