Monster Energy Outbreak Tour brings Larkin Poe to Denver, Colorado’s Ogden Theater September 17th 2021



This past Friday night Larkin Poe brought their Roots Rock to Denver’s Ogden Theater for a night of rockin’ blues. This was my first time seeing Larkin Poe live, and I was pretty excited to do so. They started their evening with “Self Made Man” from their 2020 Album Self Made Man, moving right into, “Keep Diggin” from the same album. The next song was “Trouble In Mind” from their 2016 album, Reskinned. Rebecca Lovell lead vocals and guitars, Megan Lovell harmony vocals and lap steel guitar, Tarka Layman bass guitar, and Kevin McGowan on drums, had the Ogden Theater shaken! The crowd was roaring as Larkin Poe caught their breath. I put my camera away and leaned up on the rail for the rest of the night. As the band continued on, Rebecca let everyone know that the next song was “Preachin’ Blues”  from their 2017 album, Peach. Megan stepped up and had her lap steel guitar singing to start the song. This song was my introduction to the band a couple of years ago, so it was a real treat for me to hear it live.

Watching the crowd was a lot of fun, people were dancing, singing, and waving their arms to the music. As the band moved through their set of songs, Rebecca and Megan would move about the stage taking their turns showcasing their individual talents. Rebecca would lean toward the crowd and those in front of her would watch with their eyes wide opened as her fingers worked their magic on guitar. Moving into the song, “Black Echo”, a song were you just listened as Larkin Poe poured out the blues. Looking at the crowd, they were slowly swaying back and forth lost in the music. The ladies took their turns moving about the stage, Rebecca first, her fingers dancing across the strings of her guitar. Megan then kneeled down in front of the crowd and had them hypnotized as she work her lap steel guitar. They finished their evening with the song, “Kitchen”, from their 2017 album, Peach. Larkin Poetook their bows to a very loud and appreciative crowd. I posted that this show is one of my all time favorites! It was a great pleasure seeing Larkin Poe live and highly recommend everyone to witness them live.


Larkin Poe:

Rebecca Lovell – lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo,

violin, piano, programs drums, bass and arrangements

Megan Lovell- harmony vocals, lapsteel, dobro
Tarka Layman – electric bass
Kevin McGowan – drums




Set list:

1) Self made Man
2) Keep Diggin”
3) Trouble In Mind
4) Bleach Blonde
5) Preachin’ Blues
6) Holy Ghost Fire
7) Back Down South
8) Scorpion
9) Who Do You Love
10) Mad As A Hatter
11) Freedom
12) Tears Of Blue
13) Black Echo
14) Blue Ridge Mountain
15) Summertime Sunset
16) Wanted Woman>>AC/DC
17) Kitchen



Starting the evening off was, The Cold Stares. A duo that has been together since 2009 and according to front man Chris Tapp, “We’re not just a blues band, or just a rock band, or anything other than who we are”!  Chris and Brian Mullins treated the crowd to a little rock and a little blues during their set. The crowd enjoyed their music and acknowledged them when they finished their set.


The Cold Stares :

Chris Tapp – vocals and guitar
Brian Mullins – drums



Set List:

1) Any Way the Wind Blows
2) Heavy Shoes
3) I Was a Fool
4) Down Again
5) Headstone Blues
6) Going Down Easy






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