Moon Fever ‘Cocaine’ is a Rowdy and Memorable Send Off to 2020




Moon Fever

Moon Fever ‘Cocaine’ is a Rowdy and Memorable Send Off to 2020
Astro Recordings, LLC
4 December 2020


People respond to chaotic times in one of two ways: You either crumble under the weight of uncertainty, or you double-down on everything you’re doing with hopes things improve over time. In 2020, no one can blame you for falling apart. The chaos of the current year has broken each of us in unique ways that may take years to mend, but anything is possible as long as we stick together. People need an anthem that can unite them and remind them of the power music possesses. Thankfully, Moon Fever has the answer with new single ‘Cocaine‘.

The new song caps off an incredible year for the fast-rising rock group. It’s a wild and unruly track that brings to mind the nights you feel invincible. There is an energy to it that is much needed right now, and it comes roaring out of the gate with adds on Spotify’s Rock Hard, All New Rock, New Noise and Pure Rock & Roll playlists.  It also debuts on Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock.

Packed with stadium-ready production and a memorable hook, “Cocaine” is a party song that that can help listeners shed the stress and worries of life in 2020 and lose themselves in the music. They can picture the way life was in the ‘before’ times, and they can believe in a better future. It’s auditory escapism arriving right when we need it most.

Lead Singer Cody Jasper says: “Cocaine” is a song about what you think it is about. As a rock band living in Los Angeles, we’ve had some wild times and crazy stories to tell. Some good, some bad…So we decided as a band we needed that trusty old party Rock song on the album. We all know the lie cocaine tells you. This song is about that devil on your shoulder [who is] trying to convince you to come into the city ‘like a hurricane ready to blow’ – this song is an anthem about playin’ hard and livin’ fast.”

Guitarist Mitch Micoley says of the video shoot: “We filmed the ‘Cocaine’ video at Bomb City and Dollhouse in Amarillo, TX. We had a couple of hectic days, running back and forth to set up and shoot at each location, but it was fun. We just got to be ourselves and rock out, and our director Jason Blankenship of Bad Cloud Media did a great job of capturing the energy in the moment.”

“Cocaine” is the band’s fifth single and follow up to ‘Undertaker’, which was a hit during the Halloween season with its Voodoo themed animated video. Predecessor ‘Shaking Off The Evil’ received widespread critical acclaim from Alternative Press, Medium, All Access and other outlets, as well as prime placements on key Rock playlists at all major streaming services. Previously released “Fever” and “Casanova” are helping the band build a strong Rock N’ Roll catalog.  The band is currently playing a limited number of live shows in Texas opening for Joyous Wolf, and plans are in the works for additional tour dates to start in the 1st quarter of 2021.


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